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silent film crushes


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Thanks. I know that still but can't place it for some reason? What happened to ugarrate? She hasn't been here for weeks. Is she having trouble accessing this part of the board again?


A couple more Colleen Moore photos that don't support her stereotype.





































*"Snooty Garbo Impression- "I Vant To Be Alone!"*































*"Beware Sweet Twinks!"*

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ugaarte has posted in the family recipes thread, I thought it was recently. It was the holidays after all, so maybe she was busy or went on vacation.


I don't remember where I got the Corinne still, I usually try to label them from the movie they're from, but this one wasn't labeled.

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Oh yeah, that's right. It is Corinne Griffith. Great picture. Not used to the blonde hair.


Say, take a look at this. 4 Howard Hawks Silents being screened live over the next few weeks at a live retrospective in Berkeley California. Including FIG LEAVES, FAZIL, and another title I have never seen before called PAID TO LOVE. These are rarely ever seen.



h4. [berkeley, CA: 4 Hawks silents at PFA Jan 17-27|http://nitrateville.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=11212#p74851]


The Pacific Film Archive has a large Hawks retrospective starting January 13, [Howard Hawks: The Measure of Man|http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/filmseries/hawks], that includes the following silents (quoted from the linked page):


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

7:00 p.m. [Fig Leaves|http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/film/FN19306]

Howard Hawks (U.S., 1926). Introduced by Marilyn Fabe. Judith Rosenberg on piano. Fashion is the original sin in Hawks’s second feature film, his earliest that still survives. “(An) effervescent blend of sly sex comedy and riotous slapstick. . . . Though the film is silent, Hawks’s epigrammatic rapidity is already in evidence” (New Yorker). (c. 70 mins)


Friday, January 20, 2012

7:00 p.m. [Fazil|http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/film/FN19307]

Howard Hawks (U.S., 1928). Judith Rosenberg on piano. This rare Hawks silent travels between Paris, Venice, and “Araby—untouched by the ages” as it follows the ill-fated romance between an Arabian prince (Charles Farrell) and a freedom-loving Parisienne (Greta Nissen). (75 mins)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

7:00 p.m. [A Girl in Every Port|http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/film/FN19308]

Howard Hawks (U.S., 1928). Introduced by Marilyn Fabe. Judith Rosenberg on piano. An early incarnation of a seminal Hawks theme—a “love story” between two men (Victor McLaglen and Robert Armstrong)—with Louise Brooks as the woman who almost manages to break up the bromance. (64 mins)


Friday, January 27, 2012

7:00 p.m. [Paid to Love|http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/film/FN19309]

Howard Hawks (U.S., 1927). Judith Rosenberg on piano. A Parisian demimondaine is recruited to romance the crown prince of an imaginary kingdom in this rarely seen, visually lavish silent. George O’Brien and Virginia Valli star, but caddish William Powell usurps the movie. (74 mins)



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Bronxi, Wendy,


Thanks,. Yeah Jorge sent me a Cake too in an E-mail. A real one, even had my name on it. Searching around tonight, I ran across about 4 or 5 Renee Adoree pics that were new to me. I will get those up here sometime soon. Sorry, you missed the excellent French Silent FACES OF CHILDREN this week. I guess Netflix still has this from what I was told. I seem to recall us talking about this movie in the past though?


Couple other Colleen Moore pics. This time with the Classic Image intact.























































































































































*"The Young Impossibly Thin Flapper!"*































*"Goodness, "This Is Even More Shocking Then Elinor Glyn!"*























































































































































*"Oh The Shame!"- From WHY BE GOOD? (1929)*

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*Billie Dove and Rod La Rocque-"Unbridled Passions!"*


































*Pola Negri-"THE CHARMER" (1925)*














































*Betty Compson and Milton Sills in THE BARKER (1928)*

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*Swanson-"Crashing The Marines!"*

























































































































































































































*Colleen Moore And Gary Cooper-The Call To Arms-From LILAC TIME (1928)*





































































































































*"On Ye Ole' Irish Homestead"*

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Hi Gagman / JackFavell / Bronxgirl48



Sorry I haven't posted here in awhile ... between the 'Holidays Doings' and having been 'under the weather' and my sons using my computer, it's kind of 'limited' me to comment everywhere.

But I've had the chance to view and ENJOY all these Wonderful Pictures & Portraits . . .



And Happy Birthday, Gagman ! I hope you had a Great One and may you be Blessed with many more ! I love your many Pics of Colleen Moore. She's as Fabulous as always ... One of her pics she reminds me of Ruby Keeler.



And JackFavell, I love your silent pictures of Teddy @ the Throttle. Great Pics . . .



And Pola Negri looks so Divine ! She really radiates.



I'm glad I was able to Post something here and look forward to 'squeezing' some more of my time in here.



Thanks for posting your Fabulous pictures !



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Nice to have you back here. There is a much better Pola Negri still in the other thread.You might want to go back several pages in both of these. You missed allot of Holiday releated photos.



Here is another Marion Davies Photoplay cover I do not remember seeing before. Plus several other interesting Davies items.






















































































































































































































































































































































































Wow! Never heard of this one. That's Marion and have no idea who the other beauty is?




























































































*Marion's Beach House in Santa Monica*





































*Marion's Home in Beverly Hills*

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Hi Gagman . . .




What Beautiful Homes Marion Davies had in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills . . . Exquisite ! I wonder if either of her homes were gifts from her 'gentleman friend' William Randolph Hearst . . . Hmmm !? Though I wouldn't be surprised if she bought them herself as, I'm sure, she made enough to purchase them herself.




And lovely Posters of Marion in 'When Knighthood Was in Flower' and 'Buried Treasure'. And that Photoplay Magazine picture of her is a Classic.




Thanks for posting, Gagman !


Edited by: ugaarte on Jan 18, 2012 6:15 AM

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Hi Bronxgirl . . .


Thank you for your Well Wishes ! . . Yes, I'm feeling so much better, though the flu is running it's course here, right now . . . but I can see the 'tail end' of it leaving !


And yes, I so agree with you about Gagman's photo . . . I've always found them a delight to view

and always look forward to coming to 'this end of the neighborhood' . . . :D

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Whoops, sorry I forgot to mention your being sic. Glad you are well now too. I've had a better Winter this year so far. haven't been sick nearly as much as {font:Arial}usual. Still don't feel good though.



Another Marion Davies cover painting I hadn't seen before. From the March 1924 Issue of Cinema Art. I think the outfit pictured, which I have seen in stills is from YOLANDA (1924). This is not a lost film, but I have never seen it before.










































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Wow! This is truly awesome! You got a be kidding me! Oh, what a find! I sure wish I knew how to straighten this graphic out. a little. I know it can be done.This is the best Trade ad I have ever found! I mean ever! The montage is just amazing! This is not colorized in anyway it is an original color ad. I sent this to Jorge, and hopefully he can make it appear even. So frustrated that this is a lost film, except for the surviving 10 minutes of bits and pieces seen in the TCM/Flicker Alley FRAGMENTS special last year.







































































































































































































































































*Colleen Moore- Flaming Youth Trade Ad Montage in Full Vintage Colors-1923*

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This exquisitely beautiful portrait hit me like a cold blast of air! WHOOSH! It could well be from HEAVEN ON EARTH (1927), . That may or may not be a lost film. Not really sure. And what else could Renee possibly be besides an Angel?

















































































































































Renee Adoree-"Angel On Earth"
















































































icon_surprised.gif On the opposite end of the spectrum in some respects, is the Terror Stricken young woman in the following still. Probably also from another lost film?. Maybe we can figure out which one?



















Mary Miles Minter-"Could She have just seen Haxan?

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Thanks, Gagman, for posting that 'Cinema Art' Magazine with Marion Davies . . I Love it !



And I love that 'Flaming Youth' Montage poster . . . Are those ALL Colleen Moore ? . . . I doubt it. But nevertheless, it looks Awesome, Gagman !



And that Picture of Wings looks absolutely Fabulous . . . Love that Deep Red in the background.



Also Renee Adore and Mary Minter portraits look Fabulous ! Mary Minter doesn't appear to be wearing any make-up. That's a 'First' and exceptional to see a beauty from that era without any make-up ... and get to view their natural beauty !



Great Pics, Gagman !



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Hi Gagman . . .



Love that Pink coloring on Betty Compson . . . and such an Awesome Portrait of a Sweet Adoree being Loved and Protected by the strong arms of the man in her life.



And KUDOs on that 'Moving Picture' Magazine ... January 1924 ... How Awesome is that ? . . . Great Illustration.



Thanks for posting, Gagman !



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