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silent film crushes


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*Janet Gaynor And Charles Morton in Costume for 4 DEVILS*





















































































Another still from TRUE TO THE NAVY.








*"Love Sails!"*

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Lo! This is Wild!





































































































































































































































































































































































*Agnes Ayres As "Lady Dadealus" in DAUGHTERS OF LUXURY (1922)*
























































































Yet another still from *ROUGH HOUSE ROSIE.*
















*"Lunch Counter Escapade"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



I'm loving your posts of our Miss Clara Bow . . .



She's such playful 'tease' with that Sailor trying to steer . . .

but I'm glad he has his Eyes Straight Ahead ! .... I feel safe now ! : )



And I love her in the Post of "Lunch Counter Escapade".

The Colors of her skirt & shoes are just 'ExtraOrdinary'.

I really love that Mint color !

And her gentleman friend's suit and cap .... and bow tie ... he's really stylin' !



WOW! 10 cents for a hamburger ! ... Really ? ... Those sure were the Days !

Even the Proprietor looks eager to be @ our service.



And Janet Gaynor sure has a 'No Nonsense' approach about her.



A look that alienates her from her usual 'Happy Go Lucky' side . . .

But, nonetheless, she still harbors that look of just 'Pure Sweetness' !

"Atta Girl, Gaynor !"



Great Pics, Gagman.



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*Norma Talmadge- "I Dream Of Gypsy With The Big Brown Eyes"*
















































































































































































































































*Pola Negri with James Hall in Mauritz Stiller's HOTEL IMPERIAL (1927)*

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Hi Gagman . . .



Wow ! I couldn't believe that was Pola Negri. She's 'sporting' a different expression, somewhat. I thought, @ first glance, that it was Renee Adoree. Pola's eyes do have that 'haunting' look about them and she always appears so Fabulous !



And I love the Rich RED color of Norma Talmadge's wraparound 'sarong' ...it is very appealing.



Also, the Color Blue in Laura La Plante's sheer dress . . . laced in Gold trimmings all around.



And Clara Bow looks like she's having fun in the sun . . .



With a bored Colleen Moore dressed professionally in an Office Scenerio.



Great photos, Gagman, Thank you.



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*"Gleeful is The Pagan Fruit Maiden!"*













































































*"Whoops, Now I'm In Dutch!"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



Great Photos you've posted here. And Great coloring, especially Mary Brian with her deep blue eyes. Everytime I see her, I can't help thinking of her as 'Peter Pan' . . .



And Betty Compson's stockings ... They don't make them like them anymore, with reinforced heels. Very durable, I'm sure.



Great Photos, Gagman.






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Thanks. I'm glad you like the photos. But Mary Brian was not Peter Pan in Herbert Brenon's PETER PAN (1924). Betty Bronson was. Mary Brian was Wendy. Great movie if you have not seen it. Also with Esther Ralston and Anna May Wong. Wish that TCM would run this sometime.I wasn't all that pleased with the second Fruit Maiden pic either. Does not mach the colors in the first to say the least. Needs more work.


Here is another photo of Betty Compson, though I was not happy with it. She was a finalist for the role of Peter Pan as well. As was Colleen Moore.



































































*"Betty Compson-"Short Curly Bob"*















Yet another still from HULA. I was sure that I posted this before. Couldn't find it though.








*"Humph, Something To Pout About"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



Thanks for the Clarification about Mary Brian playing Wendy on 'Peter Pan'. I don't know why her face is 'etched' in my brain as the one playing Peter Pan. I even had to 'Google' it and search in Wikipedia. I also got a little 'gyst' of the movie on Youtube. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be the complete film .... only about 3 clips. But I also saw 'Tinkerbell'. I loved the way they were able to make her appear as an actual 'fairy' flying around and pulling Wendy's hair when she gave Peter Pan a kiss. Yep, you're right ... Mary Brian certainly played Wendy. I hope to clear that up in my head whenever I see her image again, which I don't think will be a problem.



And such gorgeous coloring on Adrienne Dore photo. She has a Smile with that Service. That beer appears cold and appetising too, with it's foam on top.



Awwww . . . and what happened to our Miss Clara Bow ? Hope she didn't 'topple' down those stairs. I have to say, her Blue dress makes such a nice contrast against her Red hair.



Great Photos Gagman.

Thanks for sharing.






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Gagman . . .



How L-O-V-E-L-Y is May Philbin which such a Classic Look with her golden hair hanging down, before the 'Bob' craze came in . . .



The floral 'tiara' gracing the top of her head, adds to her Beauty . .

as does the posing of her hands, which seemed to be the style of the time.



Sheer Beauty !



And Olive Borden looks delightful in her 'Wilma Flinstone' get-up. What a great film this must have been. 'Fig Leaves' (1926).



And Clara Bow looks great as always, with her 'over the shoulder' glance of her wide eyes. I love the Golden Wrap around her .... It goes well with her Red Hair.



And such a 'fanciful' caricature of a cute Colleen Moore in this Trade Ad of 1927. They've succeeded in capturing her very essence !



And that profile of Dolores Costello did a job of taking my breath away. What Classic Beauty with her golden hair, curled and coiffed just right and adorned with tiny florets. Her long ivory neck truly embellishes this scenerio. And I'm loving her Pink top with white lace . . . against the pale blue background.



Thanks again, Gagman.

Lovely photos !



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This is a photo I rejected. Was sitting on it for a few weeks now. But I basically had nothing else to post at the moment. Looks OK, but just does not match the colors of a previous effort from the same photo shoot very well at all.

















































*"Bright And Early"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



That's a Great Portrait of Lupe Valez gazing off into the distance ! I love the shadows on her face and neck ... it adds mystery and somewhat of a 'forlorn' feel to it. I love the Blue in her dress . . . and those Windows ! . . . What can I say about them ? ... They are SOooo 'UNIQUE' !



Well that photo of Clara Bow may be just "OK" ! . . . but she still comes across as being very 'Cute and flirty' . . . Love the Peach Color of her lounging pants and the PINK in her 'coverlet' . . .



And Great Picture of Bebe Daniels in 'The Palm Beach Girl'. She sure is concentrating on that Coconut !



Thanks again for posting, Gagman.






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