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silent film crushes

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I'm sorry. The Greta Nissen is in the Gallery thread. I just posted it the other day. It's the one with her all sprawled out unconsciouson the floor with the villain looming above her.


This forum is strange. It will not let me use the tags Sally O' Neil or Molly O' Day. Why?















*Sally O' Neil- "Broomhilda Braids"*

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Hi there, Gagman . . .




I love the long coat that Corinne Griffith is 'modeling'. She wears it so well. And shot in front of those massive, burgandy drapes. And her Russsian dog has such a proud stance.




And is that really Olive Borden, posing in that 'Rasberry' colored, Lacy gown? Something in her looks appears different. But I love that Floral 'settee' on which she's posing . . . (wish I could see more of it) . . .




And doesn't Alice Faye look endearing with those Big, Brown EYES, which are so accentuated in the 'mirrored image' . . . Great Coloring on her photos, Gagman !




WoW ! ... Jetta Goudal in Gypsy Garb . . . so 'sassy and brazen' . . . good for you, Jetta. Love your large GOLD Earrings set against that Rich Black Hair . . .




Oh . . . and Alice Joyce . . . how Sweet and Demure. Just LOVE that sheer veil trimmed in gold lace that frames her 'forlorn' gaze . . . Awesome !




And I just Love that Gold, Jeweled Cap on Sally O'Neil. Thsoe tiny Jeweled Fringes surrounding her head is just so endearing. And her long braids and her upward gaze pose is just lovely.




Thanks Gagman !


Edited by: ugaarte on Jun 30, 2012 5:41 PM

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Glad you found it. Here is another photo I have been sitting on, because I was not happy with the mirror or frame or what ever that is in the background.






*Blanche Sweet in Classic Pose*

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Thanks. Here is another one that I had forgotten about.












































*Mary Miles Minter- "First Rate Sweetheart"*

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Gagman . . .



Love it . . . Love it . . . Love it !



Mary Miles Minter gazing at us through her gilded Mirror . . .

She looks absolutely Adorable in her hat with Tiny Florets

and her golden hair in Ringlets . . .

And that dress is so 'Turn of the Century' SWEET . . .

Love the Pale Yellow. Just too Adorable !




And I love that velvet, green suede look of Blanch's tunic.

I thought she may have been standing in front of a mirror

but the 'reflections' would depict otherwise . . . it must be a

picture of a something 'Foliage' . . . But it's still a great pose

of her.



And Phyllis Haver standing in her, 'Putting a Man in his Place' stance,

with her hands on her hips. Gagman, I love that shimmering Peach Coloring of her dress, too.



Thanks again, Gagman.






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This is one from sometime back that I think I forgot to post?






























































































































































*"Peter Pan By Any Stretch?"*

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Good Day, Gagman . . .



And 'Que Fabulosa' is Dolores Del Rio in such a 'S;panish Style' setting playing the Grand Piano. Just Love the Rich Furnishings and Tapestry, not to mention the Beautiful Sra. Dolores Del Rio . . .



And Yes ! That does look like 'Peter Pan', by any stretch . . . or a 'Robin Hood' wannabe ...



Great selection of Colors used, Gagman !



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This wasn't done by me.Don't know who's work that it might be, it is not labeled. I found it on another website a few weeks back. I would not have used the mustard colored circle around the subjects personally.























































*Marie Prevost- "Smooch Your Pooch"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



The photo of Marie Prevost with her little Pooch is adorable,

especially the little doggie . . . he's just too cute.

Yes, I quite agree . . . this doesn't really look like your 'signature' painting but great picture anyways.



And Mary Brian on tippy toes. I've always been fascinated by ballerinas & their ability to hold up all their weight on their toes and still sway with their graceful dance.

(...At one play, I had seen a ballerina pick up her dead lover off the ground and carry him off the stage . . . all done gracefully on her toes and never missing a 'beat' .... Whoa ! )



And that's a different look for Dolores Del Rio as a maid. I agree with JackFavell about her somewhat lack of 'comedic' flair . . .

She always seemed to play the 'Hard to Get' types or being very 'coy', as in 'Flying Down Rio' with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

But in this photo she appears very 'amusing' and I think she's succeeded in shedding a different light on herself . . .



Great coloring Gagman.

Thanks for posting.






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This still from Speedy is by Little Caesar.























































































































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