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silent film crushes


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A very interesting still here. I was not even generally aware that these two made a film together before. I assume at Universal? Betty looks saddened, and Mary shocked and dismayed. I wonder what is going on here? The title is certainly familiar from the later sound remake. Today both ladies are recalled as Second-tier Silent Stars, but in their day they were certainly major movie names. Wonder if this picture still exists or not?
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*Betty Compson And Mary Philbin from "Love Me And The World Is Mine!" (1927)*

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I changed Mary Philbin's eyes back to Brown, at first I thought it was Jacqueline Logan with Betty so that is why I had them Blue.





























































*Marie Prevost- "Beach Star!"*

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Here is one that I forgot to post.



































































*Marion Davies- "Daintily Blonde"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



That's a great Photo of Buster Keaton in, 'The General' . . .



And Marceline Day looks Prepared to start serving in a Beer Garten. Love her Rich, dark Brown hair . . .



And what an Awesome Photo of Jacquelin Logan from, 'Children of Jazz' 1923 . . . She possesses such an 'Intense' gaze with her deep Blue Eyes . . .



And what Beautiful Lobby Cards of 'Monsieur Beaucaire' and 'Colleen'. They are Extrordinary !



That is a very interesting 'Still' of Betty Compson and Mary Philbin in 'Love Me and the World in Mine'. They definately are 'Horrified' @ something . . .



And that's an 'Unassuming' Photo of Marion Davies, casually dressed and hands in pockets. Love the little matching cap on her head . . . And that little Curl on her forehead adds to her 'Friendliness'.



And such a Lovely Photo of June Collyer . . . She has such soft, brown soft brown wavy hair that match her soft brown eyes.



Great Photos, Gagman.



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*Mary Philbin-"Princess Winter"*





























































































































































































































*Mary Philbin- "Whimsical Glance"*
































































































































































































































































































































































*Mary Philbin- "Brunette and Bouquet"*
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*Mary Philbin- "Chicken Before The Egg"*

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*Colleen Moore- "Feathers Do Tell" -From THE WALL FLOWER (1922)*



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*Billie Dove- "This Cow Girl Was Meant For Kissin'! "*

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I'm still not a 100% convinced the Blonde in the cap is Marion Davies. Originally I thought it was Mary Nolan. Not certain as of yet.



These meantime are definitely Marion.


























































































*"Fatally Flapper!"*












































































































































































*"Queen Beauty"*















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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For comparison sake, a couple of shots of the tragic *Mary Nolan.*































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*"Blonde Confidence"*























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*"Breathless Passion"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



I just have to say how much I admire Claire Windsor's Doll Collection. She has all different kinds and types. When I saw this, I was immediately Reminded of Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle, which I had seen @ the Museum of Science & Industry, here is Chicago.



It's good to see the 'Hobbies & Likes' of the Famous Actors & Actresses ... just to know what they are interested in.




And speaking of Colleen Moore . . . she appears Playful, hiding behind those Feathers . . . We see you there, Miss Moore !



And those are Beautiful Portraits of Mary Nolan. She had such a Beautiful 'Swan-like' Neck . . .

Gagman, you had posted '. . . the Tragic Mary Nolan'. What was her 'tragic story' ?



Ohhh . . . and Mary Philbin is another one who appears so Superb, especially her photo in 'Whinsical Glance'. Love, Love, Love those long, Ringlet curls . . . and such beautiful, chocolate brown hair to match her lovely eyes . . .



And the 'Chicken Before the Egg' . . . Great Photo ! She appears 'Tom Boyish' but 'girlish' still yet ! And with that Humongous White Egg and Baby Chick . . . I'd love to have a Poster of this to hang on my Wall !



And now she looks 'all Grown Up' but Lovely just the same . . .

I love that Peach coloring of her dress and those tiny floral bouquet.



And Billie Dove is looking mighty Serious in her Ten Gallon Hat ... Must be time for a 'Gun Fight @ the OK Corral' . . .



***GAGMAN . . . which photo are you referring to that you're NOT sure if it's Marion Davies? You mentioned 'the Blonde in the cap' ...

And I see 3 Photos of Marion ... 'Fatally Flapper' ... 'Queen Beauty' ... and 'Eavesdropper'. And she's wearing a 'head piece' of some kind, in all 3 photos.



But anyways, These are Great Photos Gagman.

Always enjoy viewing your 'Art Gallery'


















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Very rare Mary Pickford Technicolor Test taken in 1926 for Douglas Fairbanks *THE BLACK PIRATE* "Lay off Billie Dove, your not gonna smooch with my hubby! I'll be your stand in!" Restored by George Estamn House.







































































































































































































































You can see the full clip here. The little girl with the Colleen Moore type Dutch Bob at the end is Mary's Niece.





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*Renee Adoree- "Song Of My Heart" 1923 Portriat*








































































































































*Colleen Moore in Joyous Mood- 1923*

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Hi Gagman . .



Those Mary Pickford 'Test' clips were just Awesome. She gives a perfect portrayal of Beauty, Perfection and Professionalism . . .

Her 'Coloring' is Awesome as well . . . Her Auburn Red hair goes so well with her 'Olive' colored Green Dress, if that was the actual color. But I do have to add that I 'miss' her long, Ringlet hair as that's the ways I've always Remembered Mary Pickford . . . But she's Stupendous, nonetheless . . .



And You're right, Gagman . . . Her Niece does look a lot like Colleen Moore . . . In fact, that's who I thought it was @ first glance. She possesses the same 'Eye Glances' as her Lovely Aunt Mary.



And speaking of Miss Moore . . . Colleen looks very 'Sweet & Chipper', but in a 'Classy' way, in her White 'Derby' had and Coat . . .



And Renee Adoree appears so Lovely, especially in, 'Song of My Heart' (1923) . . . I admire her 'floral band' encircling her head. And she poses well in the Newspaper clipping, too.



Superb Photos. . . and Clips, Gagman happy.gif



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*Pauline Starke Motion Picture Classic Magazine Portrait 1923*


























































*Pauline Starke In "Loves Blindness" (1926)*


































































































































*Dolores Costello in The Mannequin (1926)*

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Hi Gagman . . .



Pauline Stark looks quite Fascinating in her 'busy' Brown hat ...

she seems to have something going on, on her right shoulder, complete with curls of Ribbons and Saches . . . and what almost appears to be a little black & white kitten emerging from those furls (?) . . . (it could just be my glasses !)



And Yet Pauline appears quite Stunning in 'Love Blindness'. Her Lovely face is 'Framed' just Beautifully in that 'Habit' garb . . . And the Picture Matte sets the Portrait just right . . .



And Dolores Costello looks Lovely, as well with her Beautiful, deep Blue Eyes and long Golden hair . . . 'topped' off with a Rich, Burgandy Colored, Velvet Cap . . .



Thanks for posting Gagman !



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Be sure to look at the Vinatge Silent Film Artwork thread. I just put 6 Motion Picture Classic Covers in there. Three each from 1923 and 1926 respectively.


There was a poll in this publication Motion Picture Classic in 1923 and Pauline Starke, very little remembered today was chosen as one of the 6 most beautiful screen Stars by the readers. If I had that issue, I would post the article here.



I had Dolores Costello's eyes a Hazel green. By the time I had finished fiddling, I guess they had turned blue. Overall, I am extremely displeased with the results of all three photo. Hard to work with the Newsprint and make it turn out decent.


Here are two more I I forgot to post earlier.






















































































































*Sue Carol- "Little Nothings"*




















































































*Nancy Carroll- "Glad Rag Tootsie"*

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Yet another rare Colleen Moore photo. Signed Portrait of her In costume for *THE WILD ONE!* Just Kidding! It sure looks like it though doesn't it? She might be one of Brando's Biker Mama's at that! Don't you think?



























































































































































































































































































































































































*"My Fair Dock Worker"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



Great Photos you've posted here . . . especially the 'Nancy Carroll' one . . . She looks all Delightfully Cheerful in her 'Fluff, Pearls and Curls ...



And Sue Carol, bearing little, has an 'Anticipated' look in her Big Brown gaze . . . Awesome headpiece.



And, as usual, Colleen Moore looks Cute in a 'Tom Boyish' way ... and ready to stand 'toe to toe' with any guy . . .



Thanks for sharing . . .



Btw ... I'll be sure to check out your 'Vintage Silent Film Artwork' thread . .



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