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silent film crushes

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*Mary Miles Minter- "Sweet And Precious"*

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*Nita Naldi- "Vamp On The Lose!"*



























































































































































*Esther Ralston- "Passionate Perfume"*

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*Colleen Moore and Lloyd Hughes - "Tension Mounts" - from SALLY (1925)*










































































































*"Colleen of The Running Board"*






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*"The New Maid"- from "OH KAY!" (1928)*

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Hi Gagman . . .



I'm Enjoying your Posts.



Our Collen Moore looks like a 'Ziegfeld Girl' from Russia. She definately appears 'Wary' of something ... 'on hand' !



And she definately appears Cute & 'PERTy', as a Maid, in 'Oh Kay' (1928).



Oh and What a Lovely Portrait of Nita Naldi . . . Dark & 'SMOULDERING' . . . Love the Dark Chocolate Coloring with the complimentary color backdrop . . .



'ESTHER' . . . She is One, CLASSY Lady . . . LADY !

Love the Mint Green color of her 'Lounging Outfil' !



And what a Great Advertisement of Mary Pickford in 'Johanna Enlists'. The Artists succeeded in 'Capturing' her just as I've always Remembered hair, with her Long, Golden Ringlet and Much 'BRAVADA' !



And such an 'Endearing' portrait of Mary Miles Minter . . . this really captured the 'Turn of the Century' Look !



Thanks, Gagman !






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Hi Gagman . . .



Thanks for sharing that Clip of Corinne Griffith . . .

It's rather 'Spectacular' . . . 'SIX DAYS' (1923).

And if it was written by Elinor Glyn . . . I'm guessing that

it had to be 'Explicite' for that time . . .



Thanks Gagman.






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Preview page for Colleen Moore's *ELLA CINDERS (1926).* Taken from an issue of Motion Picture Classic around the middle of that year. Pictures are tinted amber like the movie. Although the pages themselves seemed to have turned yellow.







































































































































































































































































































































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Here are three small images of Pola Negri. These were not done by me, and they apparently could not be increased in size without distorting the image. Thus they remain almost thumbnail size.


The Colleen Moore photo with the parasol and long curly haiir style on the bottom is my work. However, I had no luck trying to make that image any larger either. Same with the Mary Philbin as well. Someplace On-line there must be larger versions of these same photos. With any luck I will find them at some point.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































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*Clara Bow- "The Cat's Meow"*


























































































































*Colleen Moore in Sunday Morning Attire*












*Rough House Rosie- "Mummph!"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



What a Delightful . . . and Colorful Poster that is for 'SIX DAYS'.

It's very 'Whimsical' with those 2 'Lovers' atop of that Yacht.

This is Awesome Advertising !



And those Photos of Pola Negri . . . even though the portraits are in 'Thumbnail' size . . . Her Dark Beauty still stands out. Though I have to say that in her 'smiling' picture, she does seem somewhat 'subdued' and not as 'dark' looking.



And our Colleen Moore ? . . . Was she once a 'ballerina' ?

She's standing on her tippy toes . . . unless she has help that we (the viewer) can't see.



And that's sure is a 'No Nonsense' portrait of Miss Moore in her Red Velvet hat and Green & White Outfit . . . with a very 'She's Not to be Trifled with' look.



And I love that AD for 'Ella Cinders' with Colleen Moore . . . either the 'Amber Tint' or the Yellowing with Age . . . sure gives this Artifacts it's 'Antiquity'!



And What a Delight Clara Bow appears in 'Rough House Rosie' . . . She so 'Bright & Lively' in this one . . . Not to mention 'Ravenous' too !



And Corinne Looks Elegant in her Red Velvet Dinner Robe ...

Just Beautiful !



Great Viewing, Gagman !



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*Jaqueline Logan-The Charge of The Gauchos (1927)*


























































































































































































































*Mary Philbin in period Costume for MERRY GO ROUND (1923)*








































*Mary Philbin- Exquisite Profile*

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Hi Gagman . . .



Those Novels look like they would be some 'Fine Reading' !

Especially the 'Sinners in Heaven' . . . well now, taking a better look,

I think BOTH would be Awesome !



And that Lobby Card, 'Women Love Diamonds' if Just GREAT !



And those are 2 Different Poses of Mary Philbin . . .

One with her hair under great 'Control' as she herself, seems to be Portrayed.

(Love that Teal colored background) . . .



And the other with her gorgeous brown hair . . . ALL 'splayed' out Beautifully!




Thanks for Sharing, Gagman !happy.gif






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From the January 1924 Issue of Photoplay Magazine. Published in November of 1923. 15 pages of the Most Beautiful Actresses in the movies at least in the minds of the Photoplay editors. Other Magazine's had different candidates. For instance, in Motion Picture Magazine only a year or so earlier Pauline Starke had been selected one of the eight most beautiful Stars. She isn't even in the running here at all. May Allison who made the Photoplay list about a year and a half later, even though she was an older movie name get's no mention either. Esther Ralston was still in supporting roles in Western's and Drama's for most part at this point. Just about to be cast as theMother in PETER PAN at Paramount.


An explanation of who didn't make the contenders list and why. Alas, there is no Clara Bow! Although she made her debut in a supporting role in DOWN THE SEA IN SHIPS (1922) which was a big hit. Clara was still just getting established at the time. To my dismay there is also no Renee Adoree who had been in movies since at least 1920. Surprise no Norma Shearer either, who was becoming established. Bessie Love is shockingly overlooked completely. Dolores and Helene Costello were supporting players. So two was Olive Borden who had been around since 1922 like Clara. Alice and Marceline Day were budding Bathing beauty for Mack Sennett. Dolores Del Rio, Camilla Horn and Vilma Banky had yet to make an American film. Jetta Goudal was just getting started. Evelyn Brent was making Starring features for FBO, but apparently was not considered one of the screens major beauties being on a smaller label.


Anyway, see what you think of the list and who would you have voted for to make up a top 10 among those pictured? Not that this isn't an imposing list as it is.


Here are the first 5 pages.






















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The next 5 Girls. Pages 6-10. One Incredible face in particular here seems to shine over all the rest in this group. Hitting a fella like a cold blast of air in the face! Do others agree? Sadly, Two of the ladies on this list Martha Mansfield and Barbra La Marr were both to meet a tragic demise.

























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Whoa, Gagman . . .



You bring up some Interesting Points regarding the fact

that some of the More, or just as Prominent Actresses

had been 'Over Looked' NOR even Mentioned in these Lists . . .



It's a hard call to try to 'Pin Point' the Best 10 gals,

but going over the First 5 Pages of these 'Beauty' Pics,

My 10 'Picks' would probably have to be:



1. Mary Astor

2. Marion Davies

3. Betty Compson

4. Eleanor Boardman

5. Madge Bellamy

6. Enid Bennett

7. Helene Chadwick

8. Bebe Daniels

9. Anna Forrest

10. Elsie Ferguson






Next 5 Pages of Ladies (Pages 6-10):

(Were we suppose to Choose 'OUR' 10 Picks from Each Group ?)

(Well, here goes, anyways . . . )



My 10 Picks for the Next Group would have to be:



1. Lillian Gish

2. Lila Lee

3. Colleen Moore

4. Nita Naldi

5. Pola Negri

6. Mabel Normand

7. Alice Joyce

8. Doris Kenyon

9. May McAvoy

10. Martha Mansfield






Final Set of Ladies (Pages 11-15)

(I'm going to Pick 10, instead of 8 . . . )

(I'm having FUN & Loving this . . . love.gif )



1. Mary Pickford

2. Mary Philbin

3. Aileen Pringle

4. Jobyna Ralston

5. Florence Vidor

6. Claire Windsor

7. Mimi Palmeri

8. Gloria Swanson

9. Lois Wilson

10. Blanche Sweet






Well, I have to say, Gagman, that this was a lot of FUN

and I can hardly Wait to find out WHO made the TOP 8

and just WHO was Number ONE (1) on the List . . .



Oh, I also 'Googled' the info on Martha Mansfield and

Barbara La Marr on how they 'MET' their demise . . .

They sure were Young when they died . . . very Sad !



And for just that Alone . . . My 'hats' off to ALL these

Beautiful, Silent-Screen, Movie Actresses who've helped

make the watching of their films that Much More Pleasurable !



Thanks, Gagman !
























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Here are the results of the January 1924 Issue Most Beautiful Actresses Poll. The results were reveled in the March 1924 Issue of Photoplay. Published in January of that year. A Two month difference between Issue Month and the month of publication. Only 8 Names were selected. Not a Top 10 as were chosen in a similar poll about a year and a half later.


The Top Eight vote getters in order were as follows:


















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*Babara La Marr in 1921*













































































































































































*Jacqueline Logan- "Show A Little Heart"-1922*




One of the most forgotten and certainly most beautiful of all Silent Stars. Jacky Logan had a long and productive career as a leading lady throughout the 20's, appearing in several big and important films during that decade. Including De Mille's THE KING OF KINGS (1927), an the Academy Award Nominated THE COP (1928) with William Boyd.

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