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silent film crushes


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To lovely portraits from 1925. Why does my girl look so Brokenhearted? In the other photo, Beautiful Butterfly like Bessie has such fabulous face and form that every gentleman in attendance will want her to be on their Dance card. That's for sure. Incidentally, Photoplay got a bunch of jeers from fans unhappy because Miss Love here was not selected among there Most beautiful list in subsequent issues. One saying that she was better looking than 90% of the ladies chosen as contestants. Another said she was a superior actress as well.



























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*Bessie Love- "Bound For The Ball"-1925*











































*Renee Adoree- "Sad Blue Eyes"*

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Hey Jeff! I was finally able to get the crushes thread to load! I love the photos you did, and personally I like the Delores Costello one on newsprint... I understand it was difficult and you aren't happy with it, but to me it has an unearthly beauty that the newsprint seems to intensify.


Also love the Corinne and the Esther ralston.


I love the contest - but it all goes to show you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Here are my picks from each list:


1st list:


Mary Astor

Marion Davies

Betty Compson

Eleanor Boardman

Agnes Ayres (but not from that picture!)

Dorothy Gish

Constance Binney

Mabel Ballin

Ann Forrest

Pauline Garon


2nd list:

Corinne Griffith

Jacqueline Logan

Lillian Gish

Mabel Normand

Pola Negri

Eva Novak

Nita Naldi

Martha Mansfield

May McAvoy

Hope Hampton (just because she looks really good in this photo)


3rd list:



Marie Prevost

Mary Pickford

Alice Terry

Jobyna Ralston

Gloria Swanson

Blanche Sweet

Mary Philbin


I think it's hard to tell what some of these ladies were really like on film, so many are not really available to look at anymore except in still photos, and of course some women photograph better than others.

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More Love and Dove.





*The Dove and The Apple 1922*











































































































































































*Bessie Love- Motion Picture Magazine Portrait 1923*

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Hi Gagman . . .



Here I am ! . . . I've been spending some 'Family Time' before

my son leaves for Texas for a short while . . .

I was able to 'squeeze' n this time on my computer.



I'm Not surprised to see the Top 8 'Most Beautiful Actress' Poll.

But I was Surprised Not to find Lillian Gish as one the the 'Most Beautiful' . . .



Just my Opinion. confused.gif






And that's a Lovely Picture of Colleen Moore . . and Yes ! she does look

very Serious . . . More of a 'Determined' Look !



And Barbara La Marr appears 'Regal' in her Feathered & Beaded Headpiece.



Great COLORING on the Mary Miles Minter Pose . . . Those are Great,

Contrasting Colors used . . . Burgandy, Forest Green and Blues . . .



And Renee Adoree looks so Beautiful with her Blue Eyes & Dark hair in both

Portraits of her that you've posted.



And those Photos of Corinne are just AWESOME . . .

In her 1st Photo, she appears very 'Prim and Serene', in her Beautiful, White LACE

Dress . . . with a Rich Blue Background.

And there's something 'TRAJIC & BEAUTIFUL' running hand in hand in her

2nd portrait . . .I Love her Rich, Dark & 'WILD' Hair . . . and that Deep Green




And such a different 'light' to see Billie Dove in, dressed in 'revealing' tattered clothes,

with a bandana around her head & holding an apple . . . and appearing as though

she's communicating with the gods . . .



Great Portraits, Gagman.



Thanks much ! happy.gif






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Welcome back again. Thanks much for all the in-depth responses. Here is some new and unique stuff.




















































































*Betty Compson In Costume for To Have And To Hold (1924)*










































*"Sunshine In A Barrel"*

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*Clara Bow- "Sunday Morning On The Green"*
























































*"The Walrus And The Bobby Soxer"*




































































































*"Moore On Deck"*

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*"A Little Moore Astute"*






































































































































*"Moore Around The Corner"*






























































































































*"Colleen With Studio Honchos"*










*Colleen Moore with Edmund Lowe- "An Ice Cream Courtship"*

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Hi Gagman . . .



You have Great Posts here, Gagman . . . I've enjoyed everyone of them !



I just Love Betty Compson in that Rich, Burgandy Gown in, 'To Have and To Hold' (1924).

And those Lattice Windows are just Beautiful !



And Claire Windsor appears 'Whimsical' . . . Reminds me almost of a Joker in a Deck of Cards.



And the Photos of Colleen Moore and Clara Bow are so Endearing and Enriching

in their own Special Whimsical Ways. They sure knew HOW to 'Frolic' for the Camera Lens.



I Especially Love that Portrait of Clara Bow and the 'Door Man' in his RED Uniform.



Is that the MOON by his Cap ? . . . AWESOME !



Great Photos and Coloring Gagman.



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*"Moore Darling Curls"-1920*

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*Colleen-"The Heavy Hitter"- From PAINTED PEOPLE (1924)*

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*"Sally of High Fashion"-1925*




































































































































































































*"Moore Of A Sweetheart"*

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Hey, Welcome Back to the boards


























































































































































































































































































































*Esther Ralston- "Some Pumpkin!"*














































































































































































































By Steppenbow 59 (Martie on Nitrateville)




*Clara Bow- "Hickory Stick Honey"*

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A fine full figure profile of a svelte *Vilma Banky* as the Circus Equestrian framed in the doorway of *THE MAGIC FLAME (1927).*
























































































































































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