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Over in the Hedy thread, Garbo's face was being discussed, but I didn't want to turn her thread into a discussion on Garbo. It was said that her face was measured mathematically and found to be perfect. I have read that article, but could not find it. I did, however, find two pictures that attest to the measuring.


I am not making any kind of a statement here proving Garbo's beauty. I am simply posting these photos as an addition to the bevy of knowledge most of these board members already possess. Now, you all will have seen the fact that Garbo's face was actually measured mathematically and geometrically. To my knowledge, no other star received such amazingly diligent scutiny. There were other brief "studies" on her hands, body, feet, and eyes and lashes, but I am not going to search for those. This will suffice in the argument that a face can or cannot be proven beautiful mathematically.


I found these photos on garboforever.com, one of the definitive sources on Garbo.






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Here are several recent colorizations. Personally, I don't find Garbo all that Super Gorgeous. She didn't even make my top 10 Silent Screen Beauties list, and would not have an easy time cracking the top 20! Maybe it's because she lacks personality, and comes off as a rather cold fish? Although, I know there are plenty of people who will disagree with me.






















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my dear armand, garbo is in the guiness book of records as being the most beautiful woman who ever lived, she is the top rated in the book, four fabulous faces, and all photographers agreed in hollywood and out, that she had no bad angles, give me a break, where do you get your info?

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Garbo "lacks personality"? If anything, even her detractors (I understand you are not one and I always enjoy your posts and great knowledge on silent film) who do not like her acting or looks credit her at least as an original for her powerful personality. I know that there was always a debate on Garbo with on one side the Garbomaniacs (like myself) and on the other her detractors who simply do not see what the fuss was and is about. To be honest it took me a few years to warm up and comprehend Garbo's genious and mystique, but even when I had reservations about her, she still impressed me. This was due maybe to the fact that no other actress or actor was ever able to claim the place she occupies in the pantheon of great screen actors and stars. She was and remains the Divine. And when I finally got into her there was no escape. Her genious, her extraordinary beauty, personality and mystique became all of a sudden evident to me and each time I watch her films I still discover with awe new facets in her acting and persona. There is no denial that there was an era on the screen which people called the before and after Garbo in terms of image and screen acting. She changed the standards of acting for the screen thus imposing a more sensual, ethereal and passionate image of woman who would be complex, vulnerable, cynical, generous, simple and yet mythical at the same time. All the great actresses of her time and those who followed were influenced by her style and beauty and sang her praises (among other, Louise Brooks, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Kim Novack, Joan Crawford, Mich?le Morgan, Arletty to name a few). Great film directors like Visconti or Bergman or David Lean, Max Ophuls dreamed of directing her in a film. She became a universal symbol all over the world of beauty in the sense that she was the incarnation of Beauty in its most poetic form. To me, she remains the greatest of all actresses and screen beauties with an incomparable screen presence and a cinematic legacy with no equal up to our days. There will never be another Garbo, never. And if I make her seem like some extraordinary mixture of a Greek and Egyptian goddess, sort of a Mona Lisa of the 20th century, a summary of all women or rather all human things reunited into one, please forgive me...for puting it so mildly, since I always feel and I always blush when I think or speak about Garbo that whatever one has to say about this woman one still..underates her.

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To begin with I never said that I do not like Garbo. I do like her. I have all of her Silent films that exist. And I far prefer the Silent Garbo, to the sound one.It's just that I find her a little over-hyped, in comparison to allot of others Silent ladies that have been largely and frustratingly neglected.


I don't really like Gloria Swanson all that well either. Some of her films move me. What survives of QUEEN KELLY is very good.


Louise Brooks? well, I wanted to like PANDORA'S BOX, but I didn't. I hated it! Kept waiting for it to get better and it never did. I know allot of people consider it a Masterpiece, but personally I find the film reprehensible! There is not one redeeming character in it. The drunken reprobate Father prostituting his own daughter was completely disgusting.I haven't seen DIARY OF A LOST GIRL yet, but I have the DVD.

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Oh, I know you like Garbo I never thought you were one of her detractors. Interesting that you have mentioned Louise Brooks. In case you get to see "Diary of a lost girl" let me know what you think about it. I personally was far more impressed by this than "Pandora's box" which is her trademark role.

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> {quote:title=gagman66 wrote:}{quote}


> To begin with I never said that I do not like Garbo. I do like her. I have all of her Silent films that exist. And I far prefer the Silent Garbo, to the sound one.It's just that I find her a little over-hyped, in comparison to allot of others Silent ladies that have been largely and frustratingly neglected.


I think that's a good point. Like you, I also like her, and I certainly enjoy watching her movies, but sometimes I do think she is/was over-hyped. Her appeal was certainly unique, I think, but as you say, a lot of other great silent ladies have been neglected.

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" I want to be alone." Famous words by a well-known actress, Greta Garbo. I like most of her work, although I think she had mental problems. She never appeared at the Oscars for her nominations for films, and I don't think she ever made many public appearances. Garbo was a recluse but also had a gift for acting. Thanks for the photos! She is very beautiful.

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There exists a fascinating book out now: "The Match King."


It's about a 20th century (early) Madoff-type from Sweden who cornered the match market (don't laugh...in the early 1900s it was just as big as steel or agriculture).


Anyway, he played a HUGE role in Garbo's career and life.


Read it...you won't be disappointed.

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Great info, Ascot. I love finding new sources on Garbo!


And, as promised, here are more photos of The Divine:




The Single Standard




The Mysterious Woman




The Kiss








Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise




Mata Hari

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