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*SUTS schedule:*

Aug. 1 - Henry Fonda

Aug. 2 - James Mason

Aug. 3 - Marion Davies

Aug. 4 - James Coburn

Aug. 5 - Harold Lloyd

Aug. 6 - Judy Garland

Aug. 7 - Glenn Ford

Aug. 8 - Bette Davis

Aug. 9 - Cary Grant

Aug. 10 - Dirk Bogarde

Aug. 11 - Audrey Hepburn

Aug. 12 - Clark Gable

Aug. 13 - Gloria Grahame

Aug. 14 - Sidney Poitier

Aug. 15 - Deborah Kerr

Aug. 16 - Elvis Presley

Aug. 17 - Jennifer Jones

Aug. 18 - John Wayne

Aug. 19 - Red Skelton

Aug. 20 - Miriam Hopkins

Aug. 21 - Gene Hackman

Aug. 22 - Sterling Hayden

Aug. 23 - Angela Lansbury

Aug. 24 - Fredric March

Aug. 25 - Merle Oberon

Aug. 26 - Yul Brynner

Aug. 27 - Ida Lupino

Aug. 28 - Frank Sinatra

Aug. 29 - Peter Sellers

Aug. 30 - Jean Arthur

Aug. 31 - Claire Bloom


Thanks to FrankGrimes, for inspiring me to check! ;)

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Gloria Grahame gets her day! Begging and pleading actually works. And there'll be more a

comin'! :)


Roughshod, The Glass Wall, and Blonde Fever are three Double G flicks

I've been wanting. Ahhh, the list gets smaller and smaller.


I'm also thrilled to see Sterling Hayden and Glenn Ford get days and I'm very happy to see

Mr. Lucky and Crisis hit the sked for Cary Grant's day.


Other days I'm looking forward to are Ida Lupino, Deborah Kerr, Miriam Hopkins, Jennifer

Jones, Henry Fonda, and James Mason.

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Thanks for posting the schedule!


I can't believe they scheduled Gloria Grahame on my birthday!!!


How did they know??? ;)


I'm very happy!! :)


Oh and thank you "TCM Programmer", you are the best!!! :)




You are right there is something to be said for beggin' and pleadin'! :)


I'll comment on the others when the board settles down.

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2 AM Eastern time, Aug. 4


Marion Davies


?Operator 13? (1934)


An actress signs up to spy for the Union, then falls for a Confederate officer.


Cast: Marion Davies, Gary Cooper, Jean Parker. Dir: Richard Boleslawski. BW-85 mins, TV-G, CC


This is a great movie. She?s a Civil War spy.




8 PM Eastern time, Aug. 24


Very rare movie!


Les Miserables (1935)

An obsessed policeman relentlessly pursues an escaped convict.


Cast: Fredric March, Charles Laughton, Cedric Hardwicke. Dir: Richard Boleslavsky. BW-108 mins,

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MARION DAVIES with a whole day of films.... my only gripe is they're not showing anything new..... we've seen these all before.....


Why not














I have all these; why doesn't TCM?

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Ed, I agree, it would have been nice to see more rare films, rather than the ones that are always on...though as someone pointed out, OPERATOR 13 will be in the mix. Still great to see Marion honored.

I see some bright spots here and there in SUTS, but for the most part, it's kind of a yawner for me. I was excited to see it was up, but after looking through it, I find it less interesting than the past couple of years.

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I agree Mark.... Bette Davis? Cary Grant? Clark Gable? Audrey Hepburn? John Wayne? Frank Sinatra? All done to death....


As for Davies, I suppose the August programming may introduce a few more people to her films and certainly talkies like *Going Hollywood, Operator 13, Blondie of the Follies, Peg o' My Heart, Page Miss Glory,* and *Ever Since Eve* should win her a few more fans. The three silents have been shown many times on TCM. And what's with *The Big Parade of Comedy* as a Davies film and the documentary running twice? There are two slots right there that could have been used for something new.

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While there are a lot of the usual suspects here, I do find some nice films on Poitier's day, namely the blaxploitation western *Buck and the Preacher* (1972) (his first directing effort), and the deeply moving *Brother John* (1970) where he portrays the Angel of Death. James Mason's day is filled with interesting possibilities, Gloria Grahame has a knockout effort with at least 3 new films, Jean Arthur, Sterling Hayden, Ida Lupino and others all have something worth seeing. Finally, when was the last time TCM showed *Beat the Devil* (1954)?

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Wonderful to see 24 hour blocks devoted to both *Harold Lloyd* and *Marion Davies!* I had been holding out hope for *John Gilbert,* and the debut of *BARDELYS THE MAGNIFICENT.* Maybe *Fairbanks*, or *Pickford* too?


Yes, it would have been nice to get a premier of *THE FAIR CO-ED,* or *THE CARDBOARD LOVER,* but apparently neither have scores? The later title I have been told has been deemed in to poor of a condition to be shown, but I disagree, it looks no different than *ACROSS TO SINGAPORE,* did if as bad? That film had gobs of decomposition. William Haines *SPRING FEVER* wasn't in great shape either. Also would have been nice to see the Silent version of Lloyd's *WELCOME DANGER* debut. This was found and restored a few years ago.

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I definitely like the Audrey Hepburn day for playing some of her rare early performances. It could of been better if they played Breakfast At Tiffany's but I still really like the day. When was the last time TCM played War And Piece? I thought that it was a pretty good lineup as a whole and I definitely like the Yul Brynner day which features not only the Magnificent Seven but also the robot version of that cowboy that he played in Westworld and Futureworld.

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Thanks for posting the schedule! I'm excited to see "The Spanish Gardener" on there as well as other titles I've been waiting for. Hope it doesn't change so we can see our favorites.

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What's great about Summer Under the Stars is that there is something for everybody. I don't mind the usual suspects. It wouldn't be the same if the lineup didn't have SOME big name stars (especially Grant, who's my favorite actor, and Gable; maybe TCM will put Bogie and Cagney on the schedule next year).


Honestly, I could have done without Elvis again. Robert Ryan would have been a nice replacement that day.


You can include me as those who will be introduced to Marion Davies. I've only seen The Patsy, and she's amazing in that!! I hear Show People is great too.

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Marion Davies was lucky indeed to make three films with the great King Vidor. Together they made two silents, *Show People* and *The Patsy,* and one talkie, *Not So Dumb.* Vidor considered Davies to be one of the top comediennes, and he was right.

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Aug 1st: The Male Animal !!

Aug 5th: Harold Lloyd !! (including The Freshman)

Aug 17th: Love Letters !!

Aug 20th: Design for Living !!

Aug.30th: Jean Arthur !!


There is so many reasons to stay inside with the air conditioning this August!! I think it's a great schedule!!

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*"In the main a very mediocre line up. Who at TCM picks this list?"*


Uhh... the same people at TCM who are receiving a Peabody Award on Monday for the quality of the channel's programming. (Congrats again, TCM!)


Kyle In Hollywood

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