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Jake's off topic music thread...


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  • 2 weeks later...

Great music - Keep up the good work.

I'm a traditionalist where country music is concerned. There's nothing like a bottle of bourbon, this stuff on the CD player and thoughts of lost love to make you realise what a dope you are.


George Jones - The Window Up Above

Moe Bandy - Cowboys Ain't Supposed to Cry

...and a rocker from the 1950's who recorded this masterpiece at Sun studios. One of

my desert island discs. Simple, elegant and beautiful.

Charlie Feathers - Defrost Your Heart

Best wishes
Metairie Road
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The unmistakeable sound of..

Floyd Cramer - Last Date

From a generation (or two) earlier

I think this was one of those Vitaphone shorts (or something similar)...

Hank Penny with the Deuce Spriggins Orchestra - Missouri

The last up is offensive in several ways but it's certainly great Western Swing.

The Modern Mountaineers - Everybody's Truckin'

Best wishes
Metairie Road
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Jake, thanks for the Ricky Skaggs, very thoughtful of you. Now I can start the day with a smile.

Here's Del McCoury doing a fine version of a Richard Thompson song. Vincents were pretty ugly motorcycles but beloved by their owners I guess.

Del McCoury Band - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

I have no idea what this next song is about, but it's very beautiful. Poetry set to music.

Jimmy Dale Gilmore - Santa Fe Thief

Best wishes
Metairie Road
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