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Jake's off topic music thread...

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Hey, what can I say? I got carried away....


I really only like L&M's Pooh Corner, but the others were big hits.


My sister had the album Summer Breeze and I loved it.


I must be the one gal who never liked Bread..... :)


To each his own.


Here's my favorite Fleetwood Mac song, cause I think most everyone loves them.


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What a great thread. I love Elvis's songs.


A thread would not be complete without a link to Michael Jackson's groundbreaking "moonwalk" - the first time he did that was about 25 years ago - I believe it was at the Motown Live show from 1983.


Also, a link from Michael Jackson's performance at the Super Bowl in the 1990's singing "Heal the World" would be fabulous.


These were great performances.....and also the link of Little Michael singing "I Want You Back" when he was with Jackson 5.

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I was planning a Jackson Five post for a little later.... it's hard to find good quality video of the 70's stuff. I will post some tomorrow, as I think today should stay more Elvis oriented.


I remember when I was a little girl, there were the girls who liked the Jackson Five, and the girls who liked the Osmond Brothers. I was a Jackson Five girl all the way.... and I still am. If you were cool, you liked the J5. :)

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The Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 youtube videos are so good. Thank you for posting that. I remember back in the '60's and '70's, the Jacksons would perform on Sonny & Cher, Ed Sullivan Show, American Bandstand, Soul Train, etc. They were very good, and Michael Jackson - as the adorable little front man was extraordinary. He sang songs with heartfelt emotion at such a young age, songs that were meant for grown men to sing. He was one of the greatest singers, entertainers, showman we ever had. The moonwalk was great - any links to that? It's probably one of the best performances - groundbreaking moves - from back in 1983 MoTown awards.


Also, if you really want to see some great dancing - try to find "Smooth Criminal" on youtube - the dancing by Michael Jackson as well as the incredible music - is why he was called "king of pop" - just once glance at that video will give you the reason why.

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