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Jake's off topic music thread...

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>One of my favorite Harrison tunes. Lovely gentle tune filled with interesting lyrics.


*Awesome*...wonderful song...beautiful song...two thumbs up...Thank you for posting it...


See ya later on tonight...

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>My favorite musician ever after George Harrison. He moves me so much.


>Cat Stevens:



Yup...CS was excellent...I once owned one of his old eight tracks...thanks for the memories

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*Ah ......eight tracks..... where does the time go?*


I can't imagine you are old enough to remember them. I still here those clicks when changing tracks all these years later. What made us think they were better than cassettes.


Since the Bee Gees came up I saw them in concert in 1975. They had turned a new page.



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*movieman* - What i remember is the eight track cartridges scattered and abandoned inside some of the older kids cars.... and old eight track players sitting unused on the floor while the cassette players were popped in to replace them.


*CBlover* - Those Waterloo outfits look like they were heavily influenced by Wonder Woman. :D


I have had a hankering to hear this ABBA song for a long time. If you catch me in the right mood, or pump a few too many drinks into me, it actually makes me cry. Sheesh. I am such a weenie.




And my favorite:



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>You are so funny! You have the same favorite as John McCain, then you follow with Lola.?!


I had no idea that was John McCain's favorite song...it's just my favorite Abba song...


Anyway, I'll not talk about politics on this thread because I think it is pretty well known what my political leanings are.


Lola, from the Kinks, is one the biggest hits ever in the seventies so I chose to show it.


I consider The Kinks to be one of the best bands ever...keep postin'

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