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Jake's off topic music thread...

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>Ringo was the first of the four to have a number 1 hit and he wrote it. Just when everyone was so worried about what was to become of Ringo.


The band was called The Fab Four and each one of them was truly fabulous and talented.


I own all The Beatles' albums but one of the earlier ones is my favorite--that would be Rubber Soul.


More Beatles...



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Yes Ringo did all right. I believe the B-side to It Don't Come Easy was a little ditty

with the title of Early 1970 about the trials and tribulations of the breakup and his

relations with the three other Beatles. My favorite album is The Beatles aka The

White Album. The most common criticism of it is that there's not enough solid material

on it for a good double-album. Whatever. It's #1 in my book.

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George Martin himself thought there wasn't enough solid material to make a great double album. One thing it did do was showcase a wide variety of styles, even among their own individual compositions.


I always liked "Mother Nature's Son." Eloquent, simple melody.

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I don't know if you posted this one, Jake. I spent many hours trying to find a decent audio for my iPod:




And a sweet reminder of 1970:



You really tapped something wonderful here. What musical knowledge of the period. Did you use to work with these bands?


Please share some more...


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Sometimes the boys listened to (Sir ) George, and sometimes not. Glad they didn't on this

occasion. There's something in the White Album for everyone. Except for Revolution 9

perhaps. Lennon was the only one who wanted that on the album. You become bored.

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Rolling Stone listed these albums as the top ten of all time...


1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles


2. Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys


3. Revolver, The Beatles


4. Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan


5. Rubber Soul, The Beatles


6. What's Going On, Marvin Gaye


7. Exile on Main Street, The Rolling Stones


8. London Calling, The Clash


9. Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan


10. The Beatles ("The White Album"), The Beatles


Source: Rolling Stone...take it for what it's worth...

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>You really tapped something wonderful here. What musical knowledge of the period. Did you use to work with these bands?


Very good posts...I *do* remember the Nashville Teens...


In fact, all my youtubes I do remember and I have no special musical knowledge...just love it.


My father once gave me a guitar when I was a little fella and told me I could have one of his Gibson's if I learned how to play it.


I never got that Gibson because I did not have the patience and, frankly, the talent to play it.


Feel free to weigh in anytime you like...

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Back when the original special issue of RS came out, I believe Sgt. Pepper was

number one and Never Mind... by the Sex Pistols was number two. Guess they

didn't stand the test of time. All the Beatles albums are good, so it's one's own

idiosyncratic personal taste ( as in other matters) as to which is one's favorite.


Then there was the New Yardbirds quickly evolving into Led Zeppelin. Perhaps not

as talented, but they sure sold a lot more albums.


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>Hey, Jake! I was wondering where you were.....




Been right here on this thread. I started this thread because I really like R&R and some country music. On the other thread many of the posters have other tastes and that's ok by me but I moved on so I would not be a nuisance.


Please feel free to post here anytime you like and do your thing.


I think you once said you liked Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. So do I...


An old clip of 'em.



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>Hey! How'd you know that is my absolute favorite TP and the H song?


Had no idea and I highly recommend TP and Heartbreakers greatest hits album. It is truly awesome...


Loved the eighties and the clubs..


One of my favorites and till tomorrow...


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