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How about a Sci-Fi theater, on night a week?

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This was the subject line of an e-mail I sent TCM earlier this week. The rest is as follows:


"Or even Saturday afternoon, like Creature Features. The dearth of science

fiction on television leads me to beg this of you....there are SO many sc-fi

movies, good or bad, that I would love to see, movies that filled my childhood.

"Mysterious Island", " Kronos", "Journey to the Center of the Earth", "When

Worlds Collide", the list goes on and on.? I used to watch these of the 4:30

movie. It seems like I haven't seen them since. So I'm asking that you have a

Sci-Fi theater ( I can imagine what kind of cool graphics you could dream up),

hosted (if possible, maybe with a guest host every week), in widescreen, if


??? I really miss seeing these movies from my childhood and from what I can see

only you guys can do it. The Sci-Fi channel is a joke, they don't show anything

made before 1990 it seems and all of it bad anyway. So please, really consider

my suggestion. It would bring a lot of joy not only to me, but to many people

who miss those lazy days and nights watching a rocket in black and white with

sparks and flames shooting out of the back of it. Thanks so much for your time."


What do you think? Does anybody feel the same as I do?

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Personally, I don't feel the same way that you do because "sci-fi" is not my favorite genre, and I also think that TCM does a good job of airing the early sci-fi films that actually are Classics today. I frequently see them listed in my TCM schedule. It's too bad that the one station that caters to Sci-fi isn't doing more to include the earlier Classics from this genre. Perhaps you should write to them and ask that they think about it? ;)ML

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See, that's interesting, because I hardly ever see Sci-Fi movies on TCM. "Frequently"? That I would have to dispute. It seems like Halloween is the only time I see stuff...I know Forbidden Planet came on not that long ago ( and that was VERY much appreciated) but it seems few and far between. ( Hey, that's a great idea...Robby the Robot could host the Sci-Fi Theater! C'mon, that's cool!!!)

And I that's why I suggested one movie showing once a week because I know it's not everyone's favorite genre. One movie is not gonna kill anybody.

Besides, I think TCM is the only network that could afford to do this...I don't think anyone else (specifically The Sci-Fi Channel) could afford all of the syndication money involved.....

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I'm with ya Greeneman........unfortuneately many of the classic 'Sci-Fi' don't classify as typical 'classic films'


The ones you mentioned awesome flicks......I think a month long dedication might be more suitable....there's an awful lot of BAD sci-fi films too......hey TCM does show the 3 big-bad SINBAD adventure/sci-fi flicks frequently......but Mysterious Island, Journey to the center of the Earth, etc. are NOT SHOWN ENOUGH on TCM, I agree.


I think we should suggest a tribute to the movies based on the classic authors in Sci-Fi, personally.


We could all do with a H.G. Wells & Jules Verne tribute...IMO

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I'm a classic film buff that considers Sci-Fi probably my least favorite genre of film. I'm probably not alone in this notion. I did make the suggestion (in another post) of having some type of B-movie Theater, much the same way of Syncopation Station, or Silent Sunday Night. This way it caters to all tastes, some Sci-Fi movies, some old Warren William movies, etc..

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I realize a lot of people dismiss Science Fiction.....many refuse to take the genre seriously enough to even consider the notion of something in it being "classic". But to me the images of a giant radioactive lizard that brings back the horror of war to a scarred nation or space-faring humans in a tense game of cat and mouse with a maurauding alien or a miniaturized ship and crew inside of a dying man are, though considered silly and ridiculous by some, images that everyone, in the their minds eye, can conjure up. They are immediately identifiable segments of the cinema, as much as the brave marshall facing down the bad guys or doomed lovers in a long ago English manor. Isn't that what "classic" is? The notions and visual interpretations that have stood the test of time? I really believe that these films deserve the same respect that others have garnered. A segment that shows ONE film a week is, to me, not nearly too much to ask for.

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I agree greeneman. The sci-fi movies I grew up with on Saturday afternoons & late nights have never been taken seriously in the entertainment community, except by those whose imaginations were fueled by the genre. Kind of like that mother that dismissed or threw away our comic books because it wasn't real literature to feed our heads.

Which would be considered classic. The Hideous Sun Demon, or Forbidden Planet? Sometimes the classification comes from whether or not a major studio financed and distributed it. Unfortunately, a lot of great independent sci-fi we grew up with is floating around out there with various individual copyright owners, making it difficult for any network to achieve a thorough library of note.

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I'm not a huge sci-fi fan either, and I think that if they devoted an entire day or evening weekly, I would be disappointed because that seems a little too often to devote to one genre. But I do think that it would be a good idea to have a designated time to have one movie a week. For example, if you knew every Monday night at 9 there would be a sci-fi movie, you could know to tune in. That I could deal with... and maybe I'd tunein occasionally too! :)

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alwaystcm, 'Forbidden Planet' is going to be shown on July 5 at 3:30pm.


Good idea, a SciFi theme. There were a few I never saw and would like to catch, particularly one about a kid and aliens taking over the bodies of people he knows (?). Heck, I even went so far as to *buy* 'Brain From Planet Arous' because it was never shown anymore, and it was...sigh...one of Robert Fuller's (big crush) first screen appearances.


However, tcmprogrammer, don't give TCM the idea that we want *all* new *all* the time! Or the PTB will do an AMC on us, and that would be a horror.

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Good news! Not only is TCM going to air "Forbidden Planet" on July 5th as deeanddaisy mentioned they are also showing 6 other sci-fi flicks which include:

"War of the Planets"

"Village of the Damned"

"From the Earth to the Moon"

"20 Million Miles to Earth"

"The Thing from Another World"

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"


All starting at 6 AM ET Monday July 5th.



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Hi, deeanddaisy666! Thanks for getting in on this post.....By the way, the movie that you are refering to is, I believe, Invaders From Mars. Great flick. It was remade in the 80's and while not that bad, it's not as creepy as the original.

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It was definitely great to see those flicks yesterday. I was glued to the set thru out the day. See, that wasn't so painful, right? (That was to all the people who are dead set against a Sci-Fi theater... : ) One movie a week would be the coolest thing. Maybe it will happen one day. Thanks everyone for posting!

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I'm late to this discussion, I know, but I'd like to chime in to support greeneman317's idea. A similar notion has been running through my mind for quite awhile now. I'd actually like such a program to cast the net wider, incorporating sci-fi, horror and fantasy films, along with some general cult/drive-in items (FREAKS, HOT RODS TO HELL, 1960s spy flicks, SOULS FOR SALE, etc), from the silent era through the early 1970s.


Several years ago, TCM's sister network, TNT, had a couple of movie showcases very similar to what we're talking about: "Monstervision" (prior to when it was hosted by "Joe Bob Briggs") and "100% Weird". I saw many rare films there, some which haven't resurfaced since (and aren't currently on legit home video/DVD), that I'd give my eye teeth to see again, particularly several Allied Artists films that Warner Bros controls (THE HYPNOTIC EYE, FACE OF FIRE -with James Whitmore, MACABRE, FROM HELL IT CAME, QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE, etc).


Ideally, such a program on TCM would feature both the acknowledged classics (FRANKENSTEIN, THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE, THE INVISIBLE MAN, THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, FORBIDDEN PLANET, THE HAUNTING, JASON & THE ARGONAUTS), and B-movie fodder (THE MANSTER, CAPTAIN SINDBAD, WILD WILD PLANET, THE GREEN SLIME, NIGHT OF THE LEPUS). TCM has played some of the less-than-stellar productions from time to time (WAR OF THE PLANETS, VOODOO ISLAND, THE FOUR SKULLS OF JONATHAN DRAKE, etc), anyway, so there's a precedent already set. Many of the cheesier, low-budget films are fun in their own right, and I'd like to see a healthy mix of the good and the bad. That's how the old "Creature Feature" programs used to do it, which was part of their charm, and had us tuning in week after week.


TCM has had specialty weekly slots for "Silent Sunday Nights", "Darkness After Dawn", "Synchopation Station", and "Lone Star Cinema" for several years now. It wouldn't be unreasonable to add a weekly space for the above-mentioned theme(s). Late Friday evenings, or late afternoon (or late-night) on Saturdays at midnight, would be a perfect place for such a showcase (with understandable pre-emptions for special events like "Summer Under the Stars", "31 Days of Oscar", or tributes to recently-departed stars).


For those here who generally don't like these sorts of films, that's fine; I'm not much of a fan of musicals (apart from a few), for instance, but I don't begrudge fans from getting their weekly/daily programmed doses of classic singing and dancing on TCM. And I'm sure fans of, say, James Cagney, aren't content with being able to see just the films that are generally considered his most famous/acclaimed work; they want the chance to see all of his films, even his B-movie output. The same is true of we who like sci-fi, horror, and other oft-maligned genres.


Anyway, that's just my two cents.

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