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What is the Name of this I Love Lucy Episode?

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Ok I have a question on the title of an I Love Lucy episode. It is when Lucy is outside on the ledge and she is overhearing something that is making her really mad. It's not the one when her and Ethel are pretending to be painters painting the side of the building. It you could tell me that would be great! Thanks! :)

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Actually, I believe the official title of this episode is 'Lucy Cries Wolf'. In this episode, Lucy wants s to see if Ricky would come home in an emergency because she read in the paper where a husband didn't do that and the wife was harmed. Ricky says he would rush home but Lucy decides to test him. He sends Ethel and Fred over and she decides to hide so it looks like she all-of-a-sudden isn't there. She winds up hiding on the window ledge; Ricky comes home and starts to worry with Fred and Ethel when the phone rings. A neighbor asks if all is OK because Lucy is on the window ledge. THen, Rick, Fred and Ethel decide to have fun by saying they won't call the police because 'what can the police do?? if she's gone, she's gone!' He says he'll give Ethel Lucy's furs and that he'll wait a week before remarrying! good stuff.


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