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I bought this set this morning..... the bio of John Gilbert, featuring his daughter and biographer, Leatrice Gilbert Fountain, should be interesting. She was also a child actress in *Of Human Hearts* with Jimmy Stewart and had a small career as a young woman.


I also just got a copy of *Manslaughter,* starring Leatrice Joy and Thomas Meighan.

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> {quote:title=gagman66 wrote:}{quote}

> Sadly, because Paramount still owns the copyright to *WINGS,* Brownlow can't release his version himself. Although, it is around as a 35 Millimeter rental print, on the Photoplay website.


Shouldn't Wings be in the public domain by now?

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That is great. But can you shrink the poster? They are now asking us not to go beyond 600 x 600 mega-pixels on this site. I wish you could Shrink the TWINKLETOES one too, but it is too late now.

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Still working my way through The John Barrymore Collection on Kino, I just finished watching THE BELOVED ROGUE (1927), comparing the new Kino release to the currently available DVD of the film released by Image Entertainment.??I will also compare them to a print I saw on the big screen at Cinevent last month.


In all three of these cases, the material came from the Killiam collection.??The notes in the Cinevent program said that all surviving prints of THE BELOVED ROGUE come from a single 35mm nitrate print once owned by Edgar Bergen(!).??There's some evidence of nitrate decomposition in some scenes, and maybe some toning in the opening reels.??But as a whole, the print is in very good condition.


Kino's new transfer of the print corrects a lot of errors made in the Image DVD.??Image tried to tone down the tints in the Killiam print, but that left a grayish or even purplish tinge that blurred the image.??The Kino release has the tints restored to their original appearance, and the image is clear, if a little soft.


The Image DVD also suffers from bad framing, which cut off the text of the opening credits and titles at the bottom and sides of the screen.??Kino has reframed the credits and titles with a border of black all around, so the full texts can be easily read.


Both releases feature the melodic and evocative 1971 piano score by William P, Perry, which sounds muffled on the Image DVD, but bright and clear on Kino.??It is also better synched to the action in the film on the Kino disc.


The Image disc has no extras, but the Kino features Orson Welles' intro and outro for THE BELOVED ROGUE from the Killiam Silent Classics series.


All told, the Kino transfer wins, hands down.??It is the closest thing to the print I saw at Cinevent??-- and the following day, I saw a lot of people asking for the DVD at the Kino booth!??There is only one drawback: The menu on the Image disc has 13 chapter stops.??The Kino disc has only 6.


I say, if you have the Image release of THE BELOVED ROGUE, replace it as soon as you can with the new Kino release.??It's a definite improvement.


PS: In my spot comparisons of the Kino and Image versions of TEMPEST, the fourth and final film in The John Barrymore Collection, the Kino transfer of the film seems less scratchy than Image, and I noticed two subtitles in the Kino print that were not present in the Image print.??More on this later . . .

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Great, but I really don't feel like buying yet another collection just to get the one Barrymore film I like the best out of all those, The Beloved Rogue. *I am tired of spending money on films I've seen already!*


Maybe I can request Netflix carry it. That'll solve that problem. :)

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> {quote:title=goldensilents wrote:}{quote}

> Great, but I really don't feel like buying yet another collection just to get the one Barrymore film I like the best out of all those, The Beloved Rogue.


You don't have to. THE BELOVED ROGUE and the other titles in this collection are also available separately.

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The thing is some years ago, a good friend of mine made me a copy of THE BELOVED ROGUE from laser-disc. With a couple of relatively inexpensive enhancement Do-Hickey's He was able to produce a transfer that blew the image DVD out of the water for picture quality. The Bill Perry score also sounded remarkably good. I am a little bit skeptical that the Kino DVD is going to look or sound a whole lot better, if as good?


On the other hand, I could use a good copy of THE TEMPEST, and haven't really heard the Bill Perry score to this picture before at all.

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Do you have a link Dan? I checked Amazon and only saw a box set for something like 60 bucks. Forget that! Plus it was on pre-order and I NEVER pre-order anything. I usually wait until I read feedback from others who have seen something first and report the quality, like you did with The Beloved Rogue.

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