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LonesomePolecat, the covers are something I have brrin doing for several of the past Challenges. I started creating them a few years ago and, by tradition, have done them during the voting phase of all the last several Challenges (except the last one, due to a web problem).


It's someting I enjoy doing, though it is work, and I am glad everyone likes them when I list them in the Challenges.. My special contribution.

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> {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}

> nicoley, there is an exemption to the rule. You _are_ allowed to because you competed in the Challenge.


Oh nooo, you didn't have to tell me that, really you didn't.


Thanks...sorta. ;)

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Ahhhh, the thrill of watching a page spin and spin for hours before you actually gain

access. Sigh.


Thankfully, the wait is worth it. I always find the creativity and knowledge of those who

have the courage to participate in the Challenges to be remarkable. It's great fun for me to

see what everyone conjures up. Thank you all.


As I was going over the Challenge schedules, it started to look like this vote would be

the easiest of all I cast. It looked like a blowout. But I must say, newcomer Nicoley made

it very interesting in the end. A very impressive entry. Still, in the end, my initial feelings

remained. My vote goes to CineMaven.


Of all the schedules created since I've been voting, CineMaven's is my favorite. It's a schedule

that truly fits my personal tastes. If only TCM would fire up a week like CineMaven's.


The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry, Phantom Lady, and Pitfall are films that

I'd love to see on the sked. Loved the themes: "Lethal Ladies," "What Might Have Been,"

and "Sugar and Spice." A spotlight on Ella Raines would be very, very nice. And the most

pleasant surprise of all was seeing Quai des Orf?vres on the schedule. Awesome.


Here is what struck me most with everyone else's schedules:


HelenBaby - I really liked your "Lucky 13" selections, most especially The Woman on Pier 13.


Capuchin - Loved the focus on character actors, particularly Harry Morgan and Judith Anderson.


Countessdelave - I liked your spotlight on a film editor and your "Upper Extremities" theme featured films I like. It was great to see Belle de Jour and the "other" M on the schedule.


Filmlover - John Cleese gets points from me. I liked seeing Pandora's Box, M, and Deadline - U.S.A. on the schedule.


Lonesome Polecat - I liked your birthday salutes to Stanley Kramer and Walter Matthau.


Fedya - Really liked your selections for "All Day Suckers." T-Men is a goody. As skeds

go, sex is better than chocolate. Your last theme is still the best damn theme ever... and I

doubt it will be topped.


NormaDesmond - Gremlins! That made me smile. Terrific b-day salutes for Janet Leigh

and George Sanders. Those are two stars that interest me. The River, Foolish Wives,

and The Wind are fantastic selections.


FredMill - Lloyd Nolan as "Star of the Month." I'm impressed. Love to see Man on a Tightrope.


ILoveRayMilland - For a young lass, your schedules kick. A spotlight on Patricia Hitchcock

definitely works for me and I was really impressed to see your choice of Walter Slezak for

"Star of the Month."


Nicoley - Madeleine Carroll! That alone gave you quite a few points. I really liked the films

you chose for these themes: "Even Movie Stars Had Bad Days" and "Way Down Yonder in

New Orleans." Joan Blondell as "Star of the Month" is a nice choice and I'd like to see

Make Way for Tomorrow on the sked.


Patful - A Plumbing We Will Go, Young Frankenstein, and Caddyshack. Ahhhhhh, that felt good. Your themes were the wildest and I liked them, most notably "Warren J's Texas Communal Ranch Favorites?" and "We Don't Like Your Kine Around Here - Glenn Ford, Range Warrior." "Vlad Moon Rising" is a perfect block, in title and film. Terrific.

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And with the vote of Mr. Grimes (I assume that's a _Mister_ Grimes), we have a two way tie for the lead.


CineMaven 2

Fedya 2

Helenbaby 1

ILoveRayMilland 1

Nicoley13 1


(listed alphabetically by rank)


I'm also happy to know FrankGrimes was able to access the thread again. Any of you who have had trouble before, please note that all schedules were reposted in a faster format. They're harder to read (no bold-face, etc.), but easier to access -- and well worth the work, each one is amazing.


Now everyone: VOTE! This race is obviously too close to call -- it's anyone's game!

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Holly, please be kind enough to remove the emoticon (smiley face) on your post. For some unknown reason emoticons have gummed up this thread repeatedly, making pages inaccessible and finally resulting in my reposting every schedule deformatted of every special text feature, emoticon, etc.


We don't know why it happens in this thread, only that it does, even though they work fine everywhere else.


We're glad you're smiling. but please remove the emoticon -- it might turn on you!

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This was a very difficult decision, as I loved everyone's! But, my vote goes to Capuchin.


I simply adore character actors, and Capuchin's spotlight on them was fantastic. Capuchin even chose James Gleason (he makes it into my list of 20 favorite actors of all time!!!). And, the rest of Capuchin's schedule was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G too.







Helenbaby: I loved your schedule. Especially the Hawaii theme (I feel like I kinda copied you on that, but believe me it was NOT intentional!), The Softer Side of Manly Men, and They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab (that title had me laughing forever).


Lonesome Polecat: Loved the 50th anniversary theme, you have several of my favorites from that year. Also loved the Big Top and Musical Remakes themes. And Split Personalities was great too.


countessdelave: Loved the fashion night! The Extremities was a funny theme. Hermes Pan is simply one of my very, very, very favorite choreographers EVER (tied with Kidd)! Doris Day is also super-amazing. And then ending it all with Screwball comedies...it too perfect!


Filmlover: First of all, I envy your perfectly formatted schedule....too amazing looking! (Insert smiley face) I also was awed by your Cole Porter theme. I hadn't read the little note you put at the beginning of the selection, but after about three sections I suddenly thought, hey these are all Cole songs... I also liked the Hero theme, very fun!


Patful: Everything about your schedule was great. Here were some of my favorites: Alexander Graham Bell, Truthiness, Double M Silent Actresses, White Picket Fences, Mr. Fitzgerald, and Squirrels (I was seriously laughing for about ten minutes after I saw that).


Nicoley13: Fantastic schedule! Supremely better than my first (or even my present schedule for that matter...LOL). Some of my favorite themes were: Subs, Madeline Carrole, Lucky 13 (that was an inspired choice (insert smiley)), the amnesiacs, exclamation points, and Scotland Yard. Overall a super-amazing schedule!


Fedya: There isn't much for me to say, that has not already been said. Your schedule was ingenious. So brilliant that my jaw dropped!


Norma Desmond: I really enjoyed your schedule! Some of my favorite themes were: Stolen Goods, Architects, George Sanders, and Out of Africa. Great schedule!


Cinemaven: Wonderful schedule! I particularly loved the TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA and the Cary Grant theme. And all of your theme titles had me laughing!


Fredmill38: Great schedule, I especially loved several of your themes: Satan, One Shot Deal, They're related, and Vengeance is mine. Overall an amazing week!

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Well for me it's between the two I love the most---Fedya and Filmlover. And since I can't decide I'm chosing my usual tie breaker, which is giving the vote to someone who has the less votes. So therefore my vote goes to *FILMLOVER* for the cleverness of the Cole Porter theme that I wish I came up with.

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> {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote}

> I say we go for a seven-way tie and put Chipsy baby in the hot seat?? Whaddya say folks? (Smiley face here)

Let?s do it!


The great FrankGrimes likes my schedule, wow! Thanks. And thanks to ILoveRayMilland for the extremely nice comments, particularly after I stole your thirteen theme.


Wellll, I narrowed all the schedules down to several favorites, and of these I?ve decided to vote for the person who hasn?t received a vote yet ? countessdelave. I love your thirteen theme, Hermes Pan and Karen Morley, screwball comedies, Doris Day, the extremities themes... Well, pretty much everything. Also Ronald Colman!!!!


Final answer. I hate whoever came up with the exception to the voting rule.

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With a day and a half to go, this must be the closest Challenge ever!


CineMaven 2

Fedya 2

Capuchin 1

Countessdelave 1

Filmlover 1

Helenbaby 1

ILoveRayMilland 1

Nicoley13 1

(Again alphabetical by rank)


Okay, stragglers...it's up to you to break these ties!

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WOW! This selection of Program Challenges is a horn of plenty. I was like a kid in the candy store looking through all the goodies there is to offer.

Again it was difficult to pick just one! In the end my vote came down to CineMaven.

I was delighted with most of her schedule especially the stuff with Ella Raines, Frances Dee and Margaret Lindsay. Also liked the themes 'What Might Have Been' and 'Lethal Ladies'. Of course I appreciated a few Barbara Stanwyck flicks as well as my guilty pleasures "Duel In the Sun" and "Captive Wild Woman" etc.

CineMaven for your first time at bat you hit a home run.


Kudos to Filmlover for the delightful Now Playing covers.


Congratulations to all whom submitted a challenge.


Joe aka Mongo


Message was edited by: mongo

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I was going to wait to see how many dead Chicagoans I needed Boris Karloff as "The Body Snatcher" to dig up and have vote for me, before casting my vote. However, I've decided not to wait until the last minute, and cast my vote for Nicoley13 instead.

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