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Although we're in the home stretch, this is an extremely busy work weekend for me, and my checking in and updating vote tallies will be scattershot.


Please remember that folks may also cast their votes via Private Message, so unless I have just updated the tallies the publicly posted votes tell only part of the story.


I won't be back tonight until (possibly) 4 AM ET, so surprise me then with a bucketful of posted or PM-ed votes!


Thanks to the excellent work everyone did, absolutely anyone can win, and the contest is tighter than I have ever seen it. Vote your conscience, vote for the best, and only vote once!


You have only until midnight PT tomorrow (Saturday) --- time to decide!

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If a good cast is worth repeating, then surely all the challenge participants deserve another round of applause. Here are some highlights for me.


Fredmill: I loved your Siblings, Shirleys, Circus, and Florida themes. My favorite of all was your selection and programming of your SOM, Lloyd Nolan. What an inspired choice!


Lonesome: Your 50th anniversary theme was great. I never thought about all of those wonderful films from 1959. I guess that the Circus/Big Top holds a lot of fascination for us. I really liked how you broke up your list of films for that section. City Lights is one of my all time favorites. 13 Oscar nominations-clever.


Patful: I loved your choice of SOM, Marsha Hunt, and your pick for the Essential : Bride of Frankenstein. You had so many themes that I roared over: Trolling for Dollars, March of the Pointe Shoes and Puppeteers. And those are only a few. I?m sorry that you bowed out of the competition but so glad that you still submitted a schedule.


Nicoley13: Wow! You did come out of nowhere to submit a great schedule. I loved Even Movie Stars Have Bad Days, Born & Raised in Wisconsin, Ruth Chatterton: Sophisticated Suds, your radio theme and my personal favorite: Movies So Exciting Their Titles End in Exclamation Points! Hilarious.


Cinemaven: What can I say? Triskaidekaphobia? I really liked your SOM, Margaret Lindsay. I?ve always liked her. I think that (for me) your standout themes are Sugar & Spice and Everything Vice and Out of the Mouths of Babes. Very funny.


Norma Desmond: Your PG-13 theme was very clever. You can?t miss with a ?Dolls? double feature or Scandelous! repetoire. My favorie was your Essential of The Wind, followed by your Windy Conditions theme-really great.


ILRM: Cyd Charisse with several of her partners was a terrific programming idea. As was Redheads and your 13 theme. The only films that I can remember seeing at about that time are Secrets, introduced by Buddy Rogers, and a lot of Sonja Henie films. I love that you have introduced me to Marcel Dalio. I?m sure that I know him by face but not name. Thanks for a great schedule.


Capuchin: Your 13 Dry years is wonderful and London is a great choice for location. For me, the very best aspect of your schedule is the use of many wonderful character actors and actresses. It?s a great salute to them.


Helenbaby: Dodworth is a great Essential and Frederick March is always wonderful but I have to admit that my very favorite themes were The Softer Side of Manly Men and Lock Me Up and Throw Away the Key.


Fedya: Your overall Candy theme was amazing! How did you do your research? I?d be hungry during the whole process. It was a brilliant idea and Junior Mints, Clark Bar and Licorice Sticks were my very favorite parts of your schedule.


Filmlover: I loved all of your themes but a few stand out: Rolling Them in the British Aisles, your many applications of 13 (especially Charlie Chan?s children), Luise Rainer?s 100th birthday, the Rex Ingrams, and your _amazing_ use of Silents.


And, that is why you are my pick to win this challenge, Filmlover.


I have guests coming for dinner in fifteen minutes. I?d better post now. Congratulations, everyone!

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And a reminder, Patful has asked to be recused from being voted for. (in answer to a PM from someone who perhaps wanted to vote for the P).


Message was edited by: ChipHeartsMovies, cuz he has better grammar skills than he exhibited before these edits.

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Everyone, you have until midnight Pacific Time to vote.


That's 3 AM on the East Coast, and that's the coast I inhabit. That's midnight on the City of Angels coast.


Billy Wilder night or no (and Phyllis & Walter night or no), I have to turn in to sleepy time, and will announce the winner tomorrow.


Vote while I nap --- via PM or announce it in this thread. Last call for your votes for "Lucky 13!"


I think we all agree that every entry is amazing. So pick your favorite!





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Well it is almost the bewitching hour and, as promised, here I am finally ready to vote. Everyone had terrific schedules. From the old timers to the newbies, all of you did a great job. Each of you had films and theme ideas that I would love to see.


Since I cannot vote for my favorite, I have to pass the vote to my first runner-up. While I agonized over this decision, should she win, I suspect she will agonize over moderating the next challenge. I hope not.


I cast, at this late hour, my vote for Cinemaven.


And I curse Pat for not letting me vote for him.

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And as the sun breaks over Manhattan...actually, it looks like another overcast day here...the votes are tallied, including a PM.


And here you go!


CineMaven 5

Nicoley13 3

Fedya 2

Filmlover 2

Capuchin 1

Countessdelave 1

Helenbaby 1

ILoveRayMilland 1


The winner of Challenge #13 is CineMaven. CineMaven will have the honor of moderating Challenge #14.


My goal in this Challenge was to encourage lots of new players to join in, and happily that was the case --- in fact, look at the top two vote-getters! In light of this goal, I wasn't very strict about following every rule to a T -- those rules can be tough to digest completely the first time out --- but hopefully we can tighten up a little next go-round and play more strictly by the rules.


And as promised, this time there are prizes! The prizes I'm awarding were inspired by Fedya's schedule, and by my own high school job working in a movie concession stand.


As winner, CineMaven will receive a gift basket of old-fashioned brands of movie snacks --- Jordan almonds, Junior Mints, peanut chews, candy cigarettes (!), and other old favorites (these are vintage brands, but newly made, so she can safely snack away).


But you're all winners in my book, so _everyone_ gets a prize! All other entrants will receive a bottle of Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup, which is the only acceptable brand of syrup to make classic egg creams at home.


For those of you who are unfamiliar, egg creams are THE classic New York soda fountain treat, dating back to the end of the 19th century. They contain neither eggs nor cream, and they have never been bottled successfully, so you either have to come to New York to enjoy them or make them yourself. I'm sending each person who entered a schedule a bottle of Fox's U-Bet, the recipe to make it at home, and the sincere hope that you'll visit New York soon and allow me to take you to the soda fountain at Veselka and treat you in person. To claim your prizes, just PM me your real name and mailing address. And to read up on egg creams and start dreaming of the tasty treat to come, check out




Thanks everyone for playing, and congratulations to ALL of the winners!

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Congratulations, Cinemaven!!!!


Don't worry too much about moderating. The old-hands here will be glad to answer any questions you have. If the next one happens towards the end of summer, I should be able to participate.


The one thing I think needs to be added to the rules is no emoticons at all in the schedules, notes, heck, even the thread.


I hope all everyone who participated in this challenge returns for the next one and I hope more posters reading this will participate as well!


Chipsey dearest,


Congrats on doing a great job of moderating. It was made especially difficult by the board wonkiness, but you overcame everything the cyber-gods threw at you and triumphed!


All hail, Chipsey!

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The one thing I think needs to be added to the rules is no emoticons at all in the schedules, notes, heck, even the thread. - lzcutter


Well, if I can't use smileys and bold type, then my world will end.

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*Well, if I can't use smileys and bold type, then my world will end.*


I didn't say anything about not being able to use bold type, my friend. Besides your world can't end until TCM airs that one special film for you.

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Oh my gosh.


Thank you!! I am very flattered, totally surprised and truly honored. This is one of the most venerable threads on the entire TCM Message Board.


I have read the challenge thread in my two years on this board. It looked very hard; definitely something to stay away from. Uh, program about two hundred movies? Fill a time-frame of 24 hours a day...for seven days a week? With my full-time job? Sheeeeeeeeeet!! Insane. ?Them folkseses is crazy.? Then after a playful ?threat? I jumped in to do the challenge.


It was many hours of torturous fun, research and learning. It made me have brand new respect for TCM?s actual programmers. So for those out there who complain and whine and b*tch and moan that TCM doesn?t show this or that, or always shows this or that, I invite you to participate in the next challenge. Because our Message Board pros have played this game for years and I?d have no chance in hell of even being mentioned I threw caution to the wind. I also was going to put my all in this becuz, to be honest, I do measure my knowledge and my writing proficiency against many of you out there whose posts show a knowledge, depth, sincere and genuine love of classic films. When I read that some (two) of you begged out of Challenge Number 13, it selfishly bummed me out. I wanted to see where I fit in next to you. But onward. (Besides, I still had the sword of Damocles over my head and would never be able to show my face in the East Village again).


I was gung-ho for two-thirds of my schedule, literally sitting for hours in Starbucks (Church & Murray Streets and lots of lemon pound cake and hot chocolate) working on it. I had sheets and sheets of paper that I was going back and forth with on my train ride to and from work; scratching out times & making many notes. I was pretty proud of myself...and then I slacked off for weeks. I had time. And then time crept up on me and I had a week left. (Ahhh, reminds me of those days of term papers). But I got ?er done.


I read many clever parts of your schedules and was frankly annoyed at my pedestrianism. ( "Crap! Why didn?t I think of that!!? ?Why the heck am I doing this to me?!? "Oh no, I meant to include Hope Emerson!" ) But I did what I did and stand by it.


I want to thank you all for your congratulations, thank those who publicly and privately voted for me, and for the push to continue. I want to honor and share my love for the unsung and the legends. In fact, this month on TCM featuring directors? work shows me, in one fell swoop, the depth of film history. Anyone interested in learning about classic films, this month is totally ESSENTIAL to watch.


And to you Chip, I can?t thank you enough.

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Congratulations, Cinemaven!


A wonderful schedule. I can't wait for the next challenge, to be moderated by you.


Chips, you did a fabulous job of moderating. Your extra challenges of *13* and *location* were really great ideas. I was so impressed by all of the responses to those two themes. Thanks again for a job well done.

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*...kudos to Chip for doing such a terrific job of running _this_ Challenge!* - HollywoodGolightly


That underlining looks awfully snarky. (blue frowny guy) All of the Challenges have been well-run.


Message was edited by: patful, to escape lzcutter's wrath for posting a frowny

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*All of the Challenges have been well-run.*




Thanks for bringing that up. After three years (aren't we coming up on an anniversary of some sorts?), the Challenge is still going strong, despite the cyber-gods and the ups and downs of the boards.


We've been very fortunate to have such steady hands (and heads) not only in the Challenges themselves but holding down the moderating duties as well.


It's not always for the faint of heart but it sure is a lot of fun!

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*All of the Challenges have been well-run.*




Thanks for bringing that up. After three years (aren't we coming up on an anniversary of some sorts?), the Challenge is still going strong, despite the cyber-gods and the ups and downs of the boards.


We've been very fortunate to have such steady hands (and heads) not only in the Challenges themselves but holding down the moderating duties as well.


It's not always for the faint of heart but it sure is a lot of fun!

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