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Hmm, Countess, My mailbox is more than 50% empty, so it must be the eternal gremlins that technically haunt this thread blocking your PMs, but you are most welcome. I hope you are enjoying a frothy cold New York egg cream as we speak!


A couple of entrants didn't send me their addresses to claim their bottles of U-Bet, please do so right away if you'd like your chocolate syrup prizes!


You'll no doubt need a boost of sugar-propelled energy once the champion CineMaven unveils the next Challenge in few weeks!

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Congratulations CineMaven!


Due to other circumstances I wasn't able to get my vote in this time but your schedule was great.




Ella Raines, Margaret Lindsay, Cary Grant


*SUMMERTIME* , Two American Tragedies, *Tall in the Saddle*, etc. etc.


You almost make this look easy. You are a natural. Now you get the *BIG* responsibility.


Great job to all the participants. I'm just amazed at how creative everyone is, but I guess I shouldn't be.


Chip, nice job moderating the challenge!


Bravo! :)

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Alas, I too am coming in late . . . I'm glad my vote wouldn't have made a difference.


*Congrats Cinemaven!!!*


And congrats to all who played!


What amazes me is that so many of the schedules had absolutely fantastic Saturday nights.


Can't wait until next time . . .

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A natural?? Oh you poor deluded Gloria Grahame-loving, son of a movie buff! ( ;-) ) I was sweating bullets for many hours at a local Starbucks! To have resisted playing for twelve challenges ("it's too hard...wah!!") and then to get into it once I started (I can now count backwards from eight o'clock without using my fingers) I was shocked to have won.


Thank you for your congratulations, Molo (and welcome back).


Now if we could just have a Margaret Lindsay festival...my job would really be done.

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Cinemaven --

I don't know which you'll find harder, creating a schedule or thinking of a really hard but enjoyable challenge for the rest of us.


For those who will be making a schedule for CM's challenge --


There's a way to cheat . . . um, I mean, uh . . . a way to be more effective with less work.


There are some simple CAD programs (they're similar to paint programs but allow you to draw lines of specific lengths and then move them around) available as freeware or shareware.


You draw a line that is 1440 inches long (24 hrs x 60 minutes = 1440 minutes) and make marks on it at 15 inch intervals (so you can see where the quarter-hours start).


Then you draw a line for each movie you want to schedule (92 inches long if it's a 92 minute movie, etc.) and label each line with the name of the film.


Using the mouse, you just move the 'movie' lines up to the 'day' line and play with their positions until it all fits.


Every CAD program has a 'dimension' or 'measure' feature you can use to find out exactly how much space you have left to fill between the beginning or end of a movie and fixed spots (8:00 PM daily, 2:00 AM Underground, etc.).


It's very visual -- you can tell at a glance whether something won't fit without having to count on your fingers.


It might take a while for you to get used to a CAD program, but you're sure to pick it up faster than you can write and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite every time you can't fit a movie into your line-up and have to start over using paper and pencil.


If you want to get fancy (CAD programs are second-nature to me, so I tend to add a lot of bells and whistles), you can color-code the movies (I used red for films I absolutely had to include, blue for those I love, green for 'good enough' and brown for 'I might need one this length'), have separate 'daytime' and 'primetime' lines, join two or more movies into a single block (if they really need to be shown in that order without anything else between them), label the hours and half-hours, etc. etc. etc.

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> {quote:title=patful wrote:}{quote}

> *I used red for films I absolutely had to include...* - Kyle


> Does the past tense mean that you've officially retired from Challenges? :-(


If you mean me (Capuchin) rather than Kyle -- I'm not sure.


I wanted to try one, but coming in at a tie for last place shows I wasn't very successful. My overall theme seemed, to me, to be something that simply ached to be done. If I would have had more time to tweak it and provide more than a rough-draft of my programming notes, it might have fared a little better, but nothing I could have done would have come close to putting it in the same league with CM's stomping victory.


Oh, well, something else I'm not good at. I think that's number 3,246,551,327,912.

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Yes, Capuchin. I did mean Kyle. He's excused himself from at least the last two.


Sorry about replying to the wrong post. But I never dreamed you wouldn't enter again. It's addicting. As for your last-place tie, filmlover got zero votes in one Challenge (for a particularly exceptional entry, too), and he's one of our multiple winners. Well, he's always a winner in my book...


We seriously need to get more people to vote...

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> {quote:title=Capuchin wrote:}{quote}

> I wanted to try one, but coming in at a tie for last place shows I wasn't very successful.


Well, you had my vote! I ADORED your schedule!


And don't worry about tying for last place, I've always ended up in last place!

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> {quote:title=ILoveRayMilland wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=Capuchin wrote:}{quote}

> > I wanted to try one, but coming in at a tie for last place shows I wasn't very successful.


> Well, you had my vote! I ADORED your schedule!


Thanks! :)


Unfortunately, having only one fan, no matter how charming, witty, and intelligent they may be, is a trifle less than I was aiming for.

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Capuchin, you have many fans, one who voted for you, some who may have not voted at all, and some who may have voted for worthy competitors. And one who was a non-voting moderator who won't tip his hand beyond saying how great a job you all did.


I cannot imagine what fun tasks CineMaven will throw at all of us in a few weeks with Challenge #14, but we all wait with bated breath to see how you respond...cuz you're a formidable challenger!

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> {quote:title=ChipHeartsMovies wrote:}{quote}

>we all wait with bated breath


You have a minnow in your mouth???


I'm not saying I won't enter another challenge -- I'm just not sure.


I feel like I used up the best idea for a schedule, so doing another one, and making it better than the first, would be work (which is something I put great effort into avoiding).


But I'm more than half afraid that CM's going to post a dilly of a challenge. If she does, I'll probably get pulled into seeing what kind of a twist I can put onto her theme, and then I'll have to schedule the rest of the week to justify posting that portion.


So you should just keep in mind that I have a whimsical nature (at least that's what the people who audit my income tax returns say) and don't count me in, but don't count me out.

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