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New release THE MEG barely worth seeiong


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I kinda' knew wwhat I expected with this one, due top action-star Jason Steedman always winning


But have always been into SHARKS & yes, since 1975's blockbuster JAWS ($261m.) which immediately altered the summertiume movie going experience


But this ain't no JAWS by a long shot. Typically of this era they almost entirely used CGI for the MAMMOTH SHARK,etc  *Spielberg was mostly the first to try & film on the actual ocean & had 2-3 mechanical sharks & 1 actual GREAT WHITE for long shots & BRUCE, it's name of the mechanical shark kept sinking & as *Dreyfuss always says he'd often hear over loudspeakers "THE SHARK IS SINKING," "THE SHARK IS SINKING"

Years before that such classics as *Tracy's epic all by himself work in '58's OLD MAN & THE SEA started off the coast of cuba & as even *SINATRA said he hated location filming & *SPENCE even more-so! So they changed directors & filmed most of that epic in whats still the worlds largest s. stage at WARNER BROS. instead. Same place when I was there where 2000's A PERFECT STORM was filmed. *Gerorge even had his patented basketball hoop just outside.  (TRIVIA: The great Ernest Hemingway-(l899-l96l) ever the nice guy, but my personal candidate as A #1 all-time writer, showed his usual niceness by saying after seeing OLD MAN openly said *Tracy's work was the work of a fat,, rich, lazy actor unquote. Hemingway's ideal actor was always *COOPER & even wrote '43's FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS with him in mind.)

As most klnow by jow scy-fy is airing both SHARK WEEK & NOW SHARKNADO WEEK, these cgi sharks though are far worse due to budget then the MAGLEDON they did id in THE MEG, which is truly impressive in itself   Though some should wait for cable.  I barely give it a marginal THUMBS-UP (**1/2-out of four stars) Actually I rate it slightly over the most recent JURASSIC PARK 5" (**) & saw this sea going epic in 3-D which did help though








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