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Mary Pickford-Movie giant.


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I was going to respond to the Mary Pickford thread in Films and Filmmakers, but I thought I ought to bring it here to heighten it's profile.  I give my sincere apologies and all the credit to A. Pismo Clam.  I have no desire to highjack the thread.  In response to some disparaging comments about Ms. Pickford, my post is as follows:

Mary Pickford, for all her diminutive stature, was a towering presence in movies and their development.  It is almost impossible to overestimate her influence.  She was a great actress, innovator and cultivator of talent.  Her career set the pattern for the great majority of future actresses, especially those that started as children and transitioned to adults, especially, Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, and Judy Garland.  If anyone cares to, in a spare moment, they might take the time to compare the filmographies of Ms. Pickford and Ms. Temple.  They will note a singular correspondence.  

Aside from her promotion of talent in her movies, both men and women, along with her husband Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, and D. W. Griffith, she founded United Artists, the first major producer of independent films.  Although during the studio era, independent movies were greatly suppressed, with some notable exceptions, after the studios' decline they assumed a much greater role in filmmaking, as I need hardly detail.

Mary Pickford's pivotal role in movies persists today influencing how movies look on the screen and how they get there.  It is perhaps forgotten because we don't see many of her movies today.  A pity, because many are masterpieces.  Skimming along her filmography it's hard to find a title that's not recognizable for having been scavenged for later remakes.

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