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The real ASfrican queen bosat bassded down here in Lasrgo, FL


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I only just caught wind of this neat story a few hrs ago. The guy that owns thee actual boast used in the 1951 *Academy Award-(AMPAS) classic adventure starring *Oscar winner: *Bogart & *Kate Hepburn is currently located down here in Largo, FL.


& he offers tours on the 1912 boat for fans of that famous motion picture It just went under a nearly $25m. rebooting though 


Honestly, it really looks pretty un sea worthy thesedays folks!?   OOPS my error it's down in Key Largo, FLORIDA-(obviously same title of the superb 1948 crime-drama, which most say still has photos in the lobby of Edward G., Bogey & Bacall in it, however moist was really filmed in Burbank, CALIF & Warner Bros.)


The famous boast is fully named AFRICAN QUEEN HMS


(FINAL THOUGHT: Of course *Bogey was marvelous & the leaches sequence likely won him his sole Best Actor *Oscar for it, he told most *Brando would take it as Stanly Kowalski in A Streetcar... instead?  However, personally I rate his work even better as Fred C. Dobbs in 1948's all-time great adventure The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (WB) & was not even in the golden race for it either???  Likely reason is it's $B.O.$ failure & his built in fans wanted him to portray another hero by then, like in same yrs Key Largo. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK & furthermore, I could always see *Tracy as Charlie Allnut even over *BOGEY, How about you folks???  He always said the best way for someone to win an *Oscar is for all to play the same role

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AGAIN, IT IS BASED IN KEY LARGO & NOT OTHER PREVIOUUSLY LISTED PLACE. This man is now up in age, but has owned that boat for decades I think  Reckon' his son will take over later or something & I didn't see just how much it is for a ride down it's river yet???



Man, man, o, man can you even fathom the heat & mostly the humidity riding that thing in this time of the year!?


I;'ve unfortunately been down here since 1982 when I was only 17 & the heat only gets WORSE FOR THIS LONGTIME MOVIEBUFF & TCM-ITE!!!


Reason whgy all the Orlando studios suffer in sales during the god awful summertime too!

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