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didn't get to see the end


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Wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else-you are in the middle of a movie and you don't get to see the end. It first happened to me when a was in the 5th grade. Our teacher brought the TV in one day and we got to see A Raisin in the Sun with Sidney Poiter and then the next day she couldn't get the TV again and we never saw the end. I've always wanted to see it even at this late date and of course I won't be going to New York to see it so I'll have to wait. Kudos to Mrs. Rashad for her win for Raisin BTW. And then it happened again TCM advertised The Romance of Rosy Ridge and I made plans to watch it and with 45 minutes to go my neighbor came over and said in a teary voiced"I'm getting a divorce" and of course that was the end of the movie watching. I did catch the end of Rosy Ridge but it was some time later. It was just at that point where one is about to learn about Leigh's brother-oh the humanity.

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so much hate in this world. you two need a time out,

and Leo get a dictionary. You of all people have a reputation to protect. Can you say spell check

anyway, I know that you're smilin even though you're

using them big ol' caps.

And GWTW, I dont know how many times that I have taped a

movie and to my horror lopped off the tail end. One good thing about TCM being a little redundant. I did it the first time that I saw Rear Window. Ended right at the flashbulb scene. ARGGG


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didn't think that your comment was hateful Gibson.

Just trying to calm Leo down a bit. Havin a little fun

I suppose. This is all GWTW's fault. Shame on you for

starting a thread that would pic The Spoons interest.

By the way, where is Leo????


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