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"No Down Payment"


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I always thought of Tony Randall as a silly sap...until I experienced his stunning performance as a business and family failure in this masterpiece. He was CHEATED out of an Oscar nomination. If you haven't seen it, you must. This is an example of a film that if they tried to make it today, they couldn't. Riveting. And if you enjoy Southern California in the 1950's, you have to see it.

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Yes! No Down Payment is the quintessential suburban camp film. I'd be glad to see

it one more time. **** married couplestract housesunresolved issues+get to know

your neighbor barbequetoo much boozegot no money, honey+hunks vs. wimps=endless 1950s fun. Even with the added snickers of fifty years on, I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but for

fans of unintended(?) trash, it comes pretty darn close. Now, how do you want your steak?

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Hey, a post went through. Let's see if I can make it two in a row. Move the couples

from No Down Payment (pretty forward looking title) 3,000 miles east, a few years

later in time, give them some fashion tips and a few extra years of book learnin', and

they might fit right in on Mad Ave. Lord knows, they've already got the neuroses down

pat. The only exception might be Cameron Mitchell's character. I missed the first season

of Mad Men, but saw most of the second. Quite a good show. I think the third season

starts in Aug. or Sept. At least one reason to tune into AMC.

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Well, that would be a bit of a stretch, but it might work. Of course, Cameron would have

to get rid of that little WWII Japanese war trophy shrine, or at least relegate it to the

bedroom closet. There would be a lot of rough edges to sand off too. Maybe if he

was enrolled in deep immersion in the character of Roger Thornhill from +North by

Northwest+. That could go a long way to lending a little sophistication. Yeah, this

just might go. Selling Utz chips, same thing more or less. Hell, run this thing up the

flagpole and see who salutes/applauds.

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