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What is the best Director/Actor combo?


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> {quote:title=willyted07 wrote:}{quote}

> I understand Scorses/DiCaprio but did I miss Scorsese/Deniro? Or even more accurately perhaps: Scorsese/Pesci?


Well, Scorsese's association with DeNiro goes back even further than the one with Pesci, to 1973's Mean Streets. I didn't mention it because someone else already had, but nobody had mentioned that Scorsese's already made like 4 movies with DiCaprio (including I think his next one to be released).

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> Bronxgirl, if you're interested in checking out Kurosawa/Mifune movies, there's about a dozen to choose from and I think most of them are on DVD. A good pair to start with would be Yojimbo and Sanjuro, with Mifune playing the same character in both.



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> {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote}

> Bronxie and Frank - awesome choices.


jackie, thanks. I know Fellini and Masina have done other films together, but LA STRADA and NIGHTS OF CABIRIA are the ones I'm most familiar with.


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great question ezzo....

i didn't have to think about it very long and i am surprised it didn't show up sooner in the thread:


i had never seen the bio on mr kazan before and although he was controversial in his day i really believe he was coming from the right place in all his films and

i would hope the same in real life.

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I have to say either Anthony Mann and Jimmy Stewart because their westerns were just so great, or Alfred Hitchcock and Jimmy because I just loved the way Hitchcock brought out a lot of cool aspects Jimmy could portray and proved really that Jimmy could be a great dramatic actor, even though he proved it before his teamings with both Mann and Hitchcock via The Mortal Storm and others. I just love what both directors did for Stewart.

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I'm new to the forum here, but have really enjoyed the topics and had a number of suggestions for this particular post. Ingmar Bergman and Liv Ullmann were deservedly already mentioned, but just as strong a case could be made for Bergman and Max von Sydow, with so many great classics. Bergman seemed to bring out the best in all his actors and you could also cite his collaborations with Ingrid Thulin, Harriet Andersson, Bibi Andersson , Erland Josephson and Gunnar Bjornstrand since he used a reportory company that did not vary too much. Also, if you cite Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina, Fellini's collaborations with Marcello Mastroaianni should also be given as an excellent example of director and actor bringing out the best in each other.


Alfred Hitchcock to me seemed to bring out Ingrid Bergman's sensual best in their films, and finally I would put down Douglas Sirk and Rock Hudson, who gave some fine, complex performances for him.

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A few more who seemed to bring out the best in each other:


David Lean/Alec Guiness

Michaelangelo Antonioni/Monica Vitti

John Schlesinger/Julie Christie


and a couple of my favorite underrated directors:


Albert Lewin/George Sanders

John Brahm/Laird Cregar

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Many excellent pairing have been listed, but a few favorites not yet mentioned:


Jacques Tourneur / Joel McCrea: *Stars in My Crown* / *Stranger on Horseback* / *Wichita*

Samuel Fuller / Gene Evans: *The Steel Helmet* / *Fixed Bayonets* / *Park Row*

Samuel Fuller / Constance Towers: *Shock Corridor* / *The Naked Kiss*

John Cassavetes / John Cassavetes: *Husbands* / *Minnie and Moskowitz* / *Love Streams*

John Cassavetes / Gena Rowlands: *Minnie and Moskowitz* / *A Woman Under the Influence* / *Love Streams*

John Cassavetes / Ben Gazzara: *Husbands* / *The Killing of a Chinese Bookie*

John Cassavetes / Peter Falk: *Husbands* / *A Woman Under the Influence*

John Cassavetes / Timothy Carey: *Minnie and Moskowitz* / *The Killing of a Chinese Bookie*

Stanley Kubrick / Timothy Carey: *The Killing* / *Paths of Glory*

Stanley Kubrick / Sterling Hayden: *The Killing* / *Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb*

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I agree with you, Hollywood, about Guiness and Lean. I have heard that they did not always get along well together and Guiness resented Lean's treatment of him. However, they first worked together I believe in "Great Expectations" right after WWII and continued on through Lean's final film, "A Passage to India" in the mid-80's, so I guess they maintained some kind of respect and/or fondness for each other. At any rate, Guiness was such a consummate actor, always so intelligent, and Lean has to be one of the premier visual stylists in all of cinema, epic or small in scale.

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