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What is the best Director/Actor combo?


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What you?ll see in GRAPES OF WRATH is Fonda?s unrivalled best performance, in a movie that?s at least as good as any I?ve seen. A poetic portrait of a national struggle and the family that endures it. People as real and credible as ever depicted on screen. Pictures at once tragic and beautiful; shot after shot you could freeze and hang in a photography exhibit. A monumental story with an ending some see as too hopeful. It works just fine for me. The very best work of the great American filmmaker.

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I agree with the Brando/Kazan combo, but to say that Brando didn't have great performances after he worked with Kazan is completely wrong. I will admit that "Streetcar" and "Waterfront" are his best performances, but "Last Tango", "The Godfather", "Sayonara", "Burn" and even "A Dry White Season" are also great performances.

A few other combo's come to mind to me: Deniro and Scorsese, Wayne and Ford, Stewart and Capra and I think if Dicaprio and Scorsese do a few more quality films together they could be put in this category.

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Some of my favorites:


*John Ford/John Wayne* - that one is a given, I think.

*Alfred Hitchcock/James Stewart* - the Hitchcock films he made were among my favorite James Stewart movies

*Frank Capra/James Stewart* - the Capra films he made make up the rest of my favorite James Stewart movies

*Michael Curtiz/Errol Flynn* - Bring on the Empty Horses! :D

*Douglas Sirk/Rock Hudson* - I love all of those movies they did together

*John Huston/Humphrey Bogart* - with the exception of Casablanca (Michael Curtiz) and To Have and Have Not (Howard Hawks) all of Bogies best movies were with Huston.

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