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Anyone here love Dana Andrews?

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Steve played "Gregg" in Mommie Dearest.


We saw him once in the underground parking garage at the LA Music Center. He had a stentorian voice (like Dana) because that's what drew my attention to him then I realized who he was. He was very tall with dark red hair and pale skin.

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Fritz Lang's "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" was one of those minor masterpieces in Dana's body of work that no one thinks about, much, but I challenge anyone to start with it and not see it through to the end. The chemistry between Andrews and Joan Fontaine makes my heart jump around.


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>>The one repeated criticism I've heard of Dana Andrews was that his face always seemed somewhat immobile and didn't seem to change expression much, whatever the situation.


Not always - check out his early work in THE OX-BOW INCIDENT when he's pleading for his life. I do believe that some performances of his in the 50s are hampered by his alcoholism and that the immobility may be a part of trying not to appear under the influence. I'm not talking out of turn about the man, he was quite vocal about his own prblem once he overcame it.


Look at his brief scene in THE DEVIL'S BRIGADE which came well after his recovery. Andrews is bright and beaming and actually looks younger than his nearly-a-decade-younger co-star William Holden, an actor who unfortunately did not triumph over his addiction.


Here are some links to an oral history project that features Andrews in his own words in both text and audio form:











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I'm always tempted to reply to threads titled "Anyone here love X?", yeah, X was okay.

I do like Dana Andrews, especially in his 1940s heyday. As I said before, maybe it

seems he is rather expressionless due to the stoicism of many of the characters he

seemed to play in that era, though that would not be an across-the-board characterization.


Bill Holden really got beat up for his performance in Golden Boy. But it was his first

starring role, so I cut him a break, especially in light of how he improved later on. He

does look and mostly act the part of the juvenile, but you have to start somewhere.

The manner of Holden's death was indeed tragic, and being only in his early 60's

he probably had some more good performances left, if his health had been all right.

Very sad all around.

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He was a talented actor and managed to overcome his alcoholism and passed away at 83 years of age. In later years he suffered from alzheimer's disease and was living at a nursing home and while his good friend Burt Lancaster was visiting him Lancaster suffered a paralyzing stroke which he never recovered from and passed away 2 years later.Dana Andrews co-starred in 5 films with Gene Tierney-can you name them,and no cheating-.Andrews was also a trained opera singer but rarely used his voice.When he did "State Fair" they dubbed his voice because they were not aware of his ability, when asked why he didn't say something he said the fellow who dubbed him probably needed the money. A class act...

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Good trivia question. I'm only coming up with two without cheating and I may have one wrong:


* "Laura."


* "Where The Sidewalk Ends."


I always enjoyed Dana Andrews, especially listening to his voice. And the Poster who mentioned "The OxBow Incident" hit it on the head. When he was pleading for his life and raised up onto the horse, I saw the intense emotion on his face.

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Two Dana Andrews movies coming up on Thursday (without Gene Tierney):


*A Walk in the Sun* (1946) 9am ET

A platoon of American soldiers captures an Italian farmhouse.

Cast: Dana Andrews, Richard Conte, George Tyne, John Ireland Dir: Lewis Milestone BW-116 mins, TV-14


*While The City Sleeps* (1956) 4pm ET

Reporters compete to catch a serial killer.

Cast: Dana Andrews, Rhonda Fleming, George Sanders, Howard Duff Dir: Fritz Lang BW-100 mins, TV-PG

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I quite like Dana Andrews.


Some of my favorite of his films are:


The Best Years Of Our Lives



Where the Sidewalk Ends

Crash Dive (co-starring w/Tyrone Power)

The Iron Curtain

Elephant Walk

My Foolish Heart

Madison Avenue

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I love Dana Andrews in The Best Years of Our Life.


The way him and Teresa Wright look at each other and all that chemistry was so romantic.


The way his wife treated him when he got back was horrible. I just love him in that movie.


Also there was a movie that came on HBO where he played a Private Eye. Forgot the name of it but that was good.


Also I was surprised at him in Ball of Fire. That was the first time I seen him play a gangsta.

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I think allot of people do- and consider the fine movies he was in- beginning with three greats in their respective leagues: The Best Years of Our Lives, Laura and the Ox-bow Incident. A fine subtle actor, I cannot think of a movie where he was not excellent.

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