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Does anyone know anymore about Frankie Burke than whats on his IMDB page? He was/is (I dont know if he's even still with us) the James Cagney look-alike who appeared in "Angels with dirty faces", "Hell's Kitchen" and several uncredited roles with the Dead End Kids. I have been researching him for 15 months now. In fact, I put most of whats on his IMDB page there after my first couple of rounds of extensive research...only I've hit a brick wall face-first. I cant track him after 1941. I've searched war records (induction, release, MIA/KIA, etc), social security indexes and many places...no Frankie Burke *OR* Frank Vaselle, which is listed as his true surname. I mean, what? Did he fall off the planet or something?? If anyone knows anything, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know? I run a group for the Dead End Kids on Yahoo and everyones accounted for but him. And Leo Gorcey Junior has written a book about his father and theyre to make a movie of it soon...maybe he'd be interested to know that?


If you have anything...an old article, clipping, old anything (or even new) on Frankie Burke, please contact me. I make it pretty easy...you can go to the webpage I put up for him, located at:




There is an email addy there AND a guest book. Or you can just email me at: spost8260@yahoo.com



Thanks TREMENDOUSLY for any help you got!

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