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Lon Chaney's Mockery (1927) in July!

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I am very excited to finally see Mockery on TCM on July 5. This might be the first time its ever been shown on TCM, but im not sure. Even though it never gets very good reviews, its always exciting to see a film that ive never seen before. (Esp. a Chaney film!)


Now if we can get While the City Sleeps on the lineup, my Chaney at MGM collection will be almost complete.

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MOCKERY is indeed a TCM and likely World Television premier anywhere. We have talked about this numerous times since last fall. The movie will have a fresh score composed by 2007 YFCC winner James Schafer who previously scored John Barrymore's BEAU BRUMMEL (1924) just released by Warner Archive a few weeks ago. WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS (1928) I believe is missing better than a reel of footage.


MOCKERY is the second Silent film premier in a short amount of time. TCM just debuted Henry King's THE WHITE SISTER (1923) with Lillian Gish and Ronald Coleman at the end of May. Originally, they had Delores Costello's GLORIOUS BETSY listed as well, but it was replaced in the line-up. While encouraging, it was disappointing to learn from David Shepard last week that a contract still needed to drafted up with TCM for them to air King Vidor's BARDELYS THE MAGNIFICENT (1926). Especially given it's an MGM Silent., and a film that was lost for 70 years!



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I believe that that Flicker Alley is releasing Bardleys on DVD sometime this summer as a double feature with another silent John Gilbert film. However, I do hope TCM airs it sometime because it seems more like a film I would rather watch once than buy.


As for While the City Sleeps, I am also pretty sure more than a reel is missing and some of the climax has been really torn up by decomposition. Maybe someday Warner will bridge the gaps with some title cards, like they did for Laugh Clown Laugh, and comission a new score. IMDB seems to indicate that the film had a vitaphone score, but that score is now lost. Whatever its condition, its a film I would love to see and since Chaney is such a big part of MGMs early history all his extant films need to be available for at TV viewings at least (and maybe now as part of the Warner Archive if we cant get the long-rumored Lon Chaney Vol. 2 collection)


On another note, has TCM ever show Where East is East in the US? I have only seen one copy of this film and it was from a TCM in Europe. It was in good condition and had the originial score but I have never seen it show up here in the US.

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Then you would be making a big mistake! The Lost films of John Gilbert set is being released July 7th. There is a $10.00 discount on all pre-orders direct from Flicker Alley. But you better hurry. Believe me, BARDELYS is well worth buying. I have seen the movie and you will not be disappointed. It is an excellent film. Gilbert and Eleanor Boardman sizzle as a couple! MOCKERY is nowhere near as good either.


The mere fact that BARDELYS is the first ever King Vidor Silent to be released on DVD should be enough. And you get not one but Two musical scores The latest by Rodney Sauer and Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra was just recorded in March of this year. The other score b Antonio Coppolla is quite good in it's own right. I haven't seen MONTE CRISTO yet so I can't comment on that much. There is also a new 30 Minute Mini-Documentary on John Gilbert. All that for only $29.95 with free shipping while the sale price is still in effect. BARDELYS probably won't be on TCM until next year sometime, if than? No contract has been signed. Here is the link to order:




My Blog on BARDELYS THE MAGNIFICENT from last October on GAOH:





Another Blog on THE COSSACKS (1928). To be honest, I am far more interested in seeing THE COSSACKS scored and broadcast on TCM than I am WHILE THJE CITY SLEEPS:



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Besides WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS, ROAD TO MANDALAY is also incomplete. For that matter so where THE UNKNOWN and LAUGH CLOWN LAUGH both missing at least a reel each. But Warner's still restored those titles. Yes, TCM has aired WHERE EAST IS EAST back in the 90's. I never saw it though. I have had TCM for just over 10 years.


Did you see THE BLACKBIRD (1926) when it ran last October? If not for my efforts, you may not have seen it. Hopefully, THE BLACKBIRD will be included in the Chaney set. The Warner Archive label isn't likely to release the film because of the Robert Israel score. That makes it to expensive not to have a major release. Same with TELL IT TO THE MARINES. To say nothing of all the Carl Davis scored MGM's. None of which have turned up from Warner Archive so far.

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Have you tried requesting WHERE EAST IS EAST in the Suggest a movie portion of this forum? Believe me there are many other Silents that haven't aired in a long, long time on TCM. here are just a few of them. Hopefully Warner Archive will be releasing these.


LA BOHEME' (1926) Lillian Gish, John Gilbert, Renee Adoree' Directed By King Vidor.


THE SCARLET LETTER (1926) Lillian Gish, Lars Hansen, Karl Dane. Directed by Victor Seastrom.


CAPTAIN SALVATION (1927) Lars Hansen, Marceline Day Pauline Starke, Ernest Torrence.


THE SHOW (1927) John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, Lionel Barrymore. Directed by Tod Browning.


THE VIKING (1928) Pauline Starke, Donald Crisp. First ever all Two-Color Technicolor Feature produced by MGM.


TIDE OF EMPIRE (1929) Renee Adoree, Tom Keene, George Fawcett, William Collier Junior Directed By Allan Dwan.


SPEEDWAY (1929) William Haines, Anita Page, Karl Dane, Ernest Torrence.


NOAH'S ARK (1928) Delores Costello, George O'Brien. Directed by Michael Curtiz.



DESERT NIGHTS (1929) John Gilbert, Mary Nolan, Ernest Torrence.


THE PAGAN (1929) Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Janis, Renee Adoree, Donald Crisp.


You could also try requesting, and voting on the TCM Movie Data base for DVD releases of these tiles too. Would appreciate it thanks. Of course my first priority for a DVD is THE BIG PARADE. The greatest film Silent or Sound never released on DVD by far in my opinion. That has to change. After over 5 years I am getting tired of waiting to see the new restoration on TCM. By all rights, It should have been made ready in broadcast format from Warner's a long time ago.

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