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Starting A Thread For Something

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I believe the OP may be inquiring how a dedicated section is created. He stated elsewhere that he wished that there were a section in the TCM Programs area for the Treasures from the Disney Vault showings, much the same way that TCM Imports, TCM Underground, Silent Sundays, etc., each have a section within which one can make multiple threads on that topic.

If this is the case, then I believe only the moderators/programmers can add sections in that manner. In the past, I've requested a few be added to the Genre sections in the sub-forums, but with no luck.

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2 hours ago, David Guercio said:

How do you start a thread for something?

Just like you do when you start a thread for nothing.

(...and something I've done a time or two around here...just ask some of the regulars) ;)

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I hope some little bird puts a word in my ear should I ever get too umbrageous around here. I've been told my 'typing voice' often sounds overly-lordly and stentorian. Like Professor Kingsley in 'The Paper Chase'. But that's not my intention, I assure you! :)

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Sure, I realize that. But "personalities" truly don't register with me in the anonymous sphere of this internet medium. I browse a forum inbetween bouts-of-frenzy at my workplace, merely focusing on random topics to which I have some response. Its mindlessness on my part. If I seem to bark hard at someone's opinion it's really still just 'idea vs idea' --rather than me reacting to the person behind the post.

I admit I have become more informal and maybe even a tad sloppy, as I have spent more weeks here --I sometimes find myself just spouting in a 'stream-of-consciousness' format. But there's no agenda behind it; and not even any "chemistry" behind it.

Thanks for tipping me a wink, nonetheless. :)

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