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(*-always denotes an AMPAS winner)  Now I know many hate *THE WOODMAN these days, but I always separate whats on the silver-screen from personal jazz meself.  Despite, there has never really been 100% proof of the charges & stuff 13 time co star MIA FARROW-(l945-) came up with as yet anyway? She also made a stink in regard to RONAN FARROW Actually born SATCHEL as in *WOODY'S BLACK BASEBALL PITCHER &  SPORTS IDOL! .   MIA-(who I like a lot anyway & since BROADWAY DANNY ROSE (l984) (deserved the *OSCAR!?) also came up for air in stating RONAN was *SINATRA'S son?



1st & always foremost for the all-time AMPAS writing record holder with (13 td) & 3 screenplay wins td too, plus of course his richly deserved BD victory for his finest hour 1977's *ANNIE HALL!


His HEROES & IDOLS>Bob Hope, *Bogie, Groucho & *Chaplin. & his top all-time fav. flix to date are as follows& in no special order> *Casablanca, Kane, Treasure Sierra Madre, City Lights, Duck Soup, 8 1/2, 400 Blows, Armarcord, B Thief, Grande Illusion-(can u believe I've never even saw this classic yet?), Paths of Glory, Rashomon &  Seventh Seal (P.S. For me I've always by far loved HOLLYWOOD MOVIE-MAKING/STUDIO-SYSTEM ERA,etc vs most foreign films. But my personal #1 all-time fav foreign language ic is the utterly marvelous *OSCAR WINNING 21989 Cinema, Paradiso (Italy)  (FIONAL NOTE: Despite "The Little Tramp" being among his top heroes, he's not crazy about *Charlie's 1940 "Great Dictator though?



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Question, where did you learn to type? The KGB? :(

Anyway I don't lend much credit to the allegations of Woody's misbehavior, myself. It's not for me to say one way or the other. Even if he committed some of the mis-deeds attributed to him, I'm willing to hedge in this case. Ultimately, the girl consented to marry him of her own free will.

His list of fave movies seems rather bland though. All the standard stuff.

The big dilemma of course, is betwixt him and Joan Didion. Who was right? I lean toward Didion; but I think he responded well and bettered himself after her tirade.

It's a colossal battle. Reprinted at link below.


What is extraordinary about it is that today all these barbs fall flat. We are all indemnified with what Didion is accusing Allen of. Bravo to her for raising a ruckus at all, by the way. She's my favorite American essayist. But we're all guilty of self-infatuation now. Is anyone today free of 'detachment' and 'remoteness' from others? Isn't the very idea, a scream?

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On 10/21/2018 at 1:22 PM, spence said:



Please read our responses spence-NO ONE can understand your typing!

I do know Woody Allen has said when he first started acting in movies, he was just imitating Bob Hope. You can clearly recognize the breezy comedic style & timing of Hope, which Allen later expanded to include NYC style whining. 

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4 hours ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

It's totally true.

I admit to being a NY whiner- ESPECIALLY when a tourist!

What's really funny is soon I'll be touristing in the lower Hudson Valley/NYC area where the whining surrounds me- it seems to be set at 11.

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I feel the reason for it is that life in metro NYC is emphatically *about* service. Dining, drinking, shopping--these are the main activities here--and so we are constantly focused on the quality of the service we receive. The instant it goes wrong we must pounce on it. You really do have to arrest it the moment it starts or you will be overcharged; your meal might be ruined; your guests might leave; etc. So we get very hawk-eyed about it.

What this environment of intense scrutiny turns up, is actually a lot of bad service. The fast pace and the brusqueness; the density of the city and the impersonal attitudes grows poor waitstaff.

So whenever we get outside the city and into the real world, NY'ers find it hard to drop the 'demanding' demeanor. We assume that more bad service awaits us elsewhere. But, it's not true.

I am not a native so these are unbiased observations.

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