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FilmStruck/Criterion Channel is being shut down!


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4 hours ago, speedracer5 said:

It says on their actual site that their library will also be available on the Warner Media platform that launches next year.  Not sure if that means that Criterion subscribers will have access to Warner Media and vice versa? 

Just guessing but I doubt that the Criterion service will have any access to non-Criterion titles that are available on Warner's new streaming service.  My impression is that Warner was trying to shut down any "niche" (their term) services that would distract from the new streaming brand they are developing.  It does surprise me that once Criterion develops their own service they would also put their material on Warner streaming, which in some ways might be competing against themselves.  I suspect that the differentiator for Criterion is the level of curation they provide, which will probably be similar to what was done on FilmStruck (may involve the same people who are related to the TCM folks).  I personally think in addition to the films this is what made FilmStruck special so I hope it is successful for Criterion.

But these are too many of my own opinions and you get what you paid for them.

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14 minutes ago, RBG FAN said:

My Xfinity/Comcast $140/month price is a triple play with TV/Internet/Phone. I have a land line, but since I could not keep my double play, I have an unused phone connection. It is a promo price and is set to go 'normal' in July. Then $190/month.

The package includes the 220 channel package with TCM. The Internet is 150 Megs. Phone connects are in the combo box with Internet modem and WiFi.

I live in California, North of The Golden Gate about an hour. Years back, Comcast gave me a $99/month double play and I got to have TCM for the first time. Not sure exactly, but have been with TCM for six or so years, maybe a little more. It is possible Comcast has lower prices in other areas outside of the over priced North Bay Area.

Just wanted to spell it out in case people are going to answer TB's question.

Thanks for explaining. The rate of $190 per month seems outrageous. That's over $2000 a year.

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4 minutes ago, RBG FAN said:

So TB, just curious what you have and if it is enough of what you really want. I suspect you don't disagree with the cost of the Criterion Channel.

Cutting my costs would potentially mean 20 Meg DSL via AT&T. That is the only other option for Internet. It is called fiber to the node, meaning additional copper wire to my house. $30, maybe $40 per month. Streaming would be subject to the integrity of DSL, which is underground wires for me, and they are from 1980. My lack of respect for AT&T means Dish.

By the time my teaser price from Comcast goes up to the $190, Criterion Channel should be live, and yes, I will check it out by looking at their website, as I did with FilmStruck.

I could save money with a cable downgrade, meaning the loss of TCM, a fate worse than death. For sure, Criterion would be a better investment at that point.

I just use streaming and no longer have cable. I left the world of cable behind back in the summer of 2015 and haven't missed it.

I liked FilmStruck a lot. I am not sure if I will subscribe to the Criterion Channel, since I have seen many of Criterion's classic Hollywood titles (when they used to be on Hulu). One of the benefits of FilmStruck was access to the Turner/Warner films (TCM Select) but that will no longer be the case with the Criterion Channel.

Currently I subscribe to Britbox and Starz. And I also use Sling for live TCM, when I am eager to see a premiere Paramount title on TCM. 

I still stream films that are uploaded on YouTube, primarily British films. Also I find rare Hollywood stuff on YouTube that is uploaded with foreign language descriptions in Russian, Greek and French. I don't think the studios realize a lot of their stuff remains on YT under foreign names. But shh, we won't tell them.

Of course I have lots of DVDs I've purchased, as well as DVDs I made from things I recorded from TCM, RetroPlex, MoviePlex and the Encore Westerns channel.

And there's always classical music and a book, if I feel I've watched too many films!

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On 12/9/2018 at 6:56 PM, TopBilled said:

This seems like a steep price. Is this what most people are paying?

$114 for internet and phone + $30-35 for Sling. If I drop phone it would about $12 dollars less. With Spectrum cable I had about 200+ channels but rarely watched more than a handful of them with any regularity. With Sling I have 160 channels but then again I only watch about 7 of the movie channels and a news channel.

I also, with a Bluray player get Netflix streaming and some other channels that I haven't even explored yet.

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