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The Charlton Heston Movie That Inspired Steven Spielberg And George Lucas To Make Raiders Of The Lost Ark

David Guercio

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21 minutes ago, David Guercio said:

What was the name again of the Charlton Heston movie that inspired Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to make Raiders Of The Lost Ark where he actually had an outfit similar to Harrison Ford,s?

Secret of the Incas is a 1954 adventure film starring Charlton Heston as adventurer Harry Steele, on the trail of an ancient Incan artifact. Shot on location at Machu Picchuin Peru, the film is often credited as the inspiration for Raiders of the Lost Ark. 



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Yeah. I've seen it and enjoyed it, as far as that goes. Competent; but nothing very spectacular.

The similarities are there; except Heston's character is just an all-around he-man with not much personality or very much flair. He's just trying to get a good fee out of the strange assignment.

And of course, it's not the only influence from which 'Raiders' was drawn.

There's one memorable quip delivered by Hest. The frail with him, of course has a twisted ankle on the top of Maccu Piccu --wouldn't you know it--and so out of chivalry he is forced to inquire whether she wants him to carry her down the mountain.

"Oh no, I wouldn't make you do that"

"I'm glad you said that...!" (said with feeling) <_<

I believe this flick also leveraged 'Romancing the Stone'.

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I love this film. The on-location filming is breath taking. The storyline is quite imaginative and it's easy to see why later writers and directors were inspired by it.

It also happens to be the last feature film in which Robert Young appeared. He concentrated on television roles after SECRET OF THE INCAS.

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3 hours ago, scsu1975 said:

Geez, and all this time I thought it was The Ten Commandments.

No Rich, THAT movie "inspired" Mel Brooks to do that whole, "I have here fifteen..(crash) oy...ten, TEN Commandments for ALL to obey" bit in his History of the World: Part 1 flick!

(...Geez dude, how many times do I have to remind you of this, HUH?!!!)


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12 hours ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

'Royal Hunt of the Sun' is another Inca-themed adventure. Its a strange flick though. Christopher Plummer playing a Mayan and Robert Shaw playing a Spaniard. Based on a stage play.

I remember seeing this movie a very long time ago....

The 1964 play "The Royal Hunt of the Sun" by Peter Shaffer (upon which the 1969 movie was based) is based upon Spanish, Incan and Catholic church records of the interaction of two historical figures, the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro and the last Incan Emperor Atahualpa.
If the play and movie were "strange" it may be because, as they say, "truth is stranger than fiction."

"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't." ― Mark Twain

Atahualpa was a prisoner and hostage of the Spanish.
"After several months the outnumbered Spanish considered Atahualpa to be too much of a liability and decided to execute him.
Pizarro staged a mock trial and found Atahualpa guilty of revolting against the Spanish, practicing idolatry, and murdering Huáscar, his brother. Atahualpa was sentenced to death by garrote followed by cremation. He was horrified, since the Inca believed that the soul would not be able to go on to the afterlife if the body were burned.
Friar Vincente de Valverde intervened, telling Atahualpa that, if he agreed to convert to Catholicism, the friar could convince Pizarro to commute the sentence. Atahualpa agreed to be baptized into the Catholic faith. He was given the name Francisco Atahualpa in honor of Francisco Pizarro.
Atahualpa was then executed by strangling with a garrote on 26 July 1533.
Following his execution, Atahualpa's clothes and some of his skin were burned, and his remains were given a Christian burial."
After the death of Atahualpa the Incan empire began to disintegrate.

Francisco Pizarro


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Another not very well known --but very likely true --rumor has it, that the rousing old-time radio adventure serial, "I Love a Mystery!" was another big factor in the shaping of Indiana Jones. The hero of this program was plural: a trio of jovial ex-China Marines who start a small "troubleshooters" business and travel around the world getting in and out of fantastically lurid scrapes and jams. On paper, it doesn't look like Indie at all; but the plots and the 'vibe' from both properties are uncannily similar.

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