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6 hours ago, Hibi said:

I never thought much of Nancy Barrett on the show. Pretty, but not much else. Hated her stiff flip hairdo...I did like her in the Quentin storyline.

you doan mean pansy faye?


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On 11/11/2019 at 7:34 AM, Dommy said:

Yes I know Nancy Barrett did all those soaps after "Dark Shadows" went off the air.  She actually appeared on "One Life To Live" twice.  Her first character was Rachel Wilson a terminally ill patient.  She was actually given a double dosage of her medicine by a pair of doctors who were having an affair.  Doctor Mark Toland who was played by none other than Tommy Lee Jones and Dorian  Cramer played by Nancy Pinkerton.  The second time she was on it was in the 80's.  She played the DA.   She said in an interview she turned down prime time roles in the 70's.  Too bad she didn't take the offers.  All fans of her and the show always loved her beautiful shoulder length blonde hair.

Thanks for reminding me about this storyline, when Nancy Barrett played Rachel, a potential love interest of Dr. Larry Wolek (Michael Storm). Tommy Lee Jones (then billed as Tom Lee Jones) was excellent. He began as the nice young intern who saved the live of Julie (Lee Warrick), who had taken an overdose when her live-in boyfriend (David Snell) had dumped her. Mark and Julie became a couple, though their relationship was shadowed by Mark's jealousy about Julie's previous boyfriend. I thought this story was very well written--by Sam Hall and Gordon Russell, perhaps?--and developed into Mark having an affair with an older woman, Dr. Dorian Cramer, very well played by Nancy Pinkerton. Dorian's sister Melinda (Patricia Pearcy) was painfully shy and turned out to be mentally ill, trying to kill Mark.

Either Tom Lee Jones' contract was up or he made enemies on the show because suddenly Dr. Mark Toland's character became darker and darker until he was killed off, with almost everyone in Llanview a suspect in his murder. I didn't necessarily think Mr. Jones would become a Hollywood star, but I thought he was a very good actor, smart, with interesting looks.

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