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Spy Noirs a partial list (pre US involvement WWII)


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Dedicated to Sgt_Markoff

From Don Malcolms "Film Noir File" read it here, Spy Noir's and the Origins Of Film Noir 


Four Sons (Twentieth Century Fox, 1940) – spy noir

Foreign Correspondent (United Artists, 1940) – spy noir

Pastor Hall (United Artists, 1940) – spy noir

Escape (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1940) – spy noir

Contraband (United Artists, 1940) – spy noir

Freedom Radio (Columbia, 1941) – spy noir

So Ends Our Night (United Artists, 1941) – spy noir

Man Hunt (Twentieth Century Fox, 1941) – spy noir


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33 minutes ago, TopBilled said:

What about B films like SHERLOCK HOLMES IN WASHINGTON (1943)..?

Maybe, the author is using that "visual style" that I keep harping about, rather than any checklist approach. There was supposed to be two tables of films US and Brit with the Article but glossing it over I didn't see the links.

I would say The 39 Steps (1935) is a contender also

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15 minutes ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

"The Thirty-Nine Steps"!?


::banging forehead on keyboard::

You're dramatics are quite amusing, get over it, you're coming off as quite the pompous ______

"The Thirty-Nine Steps"!? If it's got the same visual style of the early French Noir's why not.

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More from the article


The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

Sabotage (aka The Woman Alone) (1936)

Dark Journey (1937)

Strange Boarders (1938)

The Crouching Beast (1935) 

Secret Agent (1936)

The Secret of Stamboul (aka The Spy in White) (1936)

I Married a Spy (aka Secret Lives) (1937)

Under Secret Orders (1937)

Blockade (1938)

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