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Original Ten Commandments Second Half


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The original silent version of The Ten Commandments (1927) had a second part that was dropped from the later remake.  It was a modern story, for the time, about two brothers on the opposite ends of morality with their very religous mother infusing  the ten commandments to guide their way.  The story isn't bad and I think if someone would up date it to today's world it just might be popular. Here's how I'd do it.   The family would be Afro-American with a very devoute mother attending a Gospel church.  The one brother, a crooked architect builds a new church by cutting corners to save money.  The day his mother enters the new church it collapses killing the mother.  The bad brother distraught commits suicide, but the good brother forages on holding dear the ten commandments. It's pretty close to how the second part of the original went, but I think it also should get a modern remake.

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Btw, you do know ANOTHER of the things that makes C.B.'s '56 remake unique from his '27 version is Eddie G. Robinson emoting...

(...thank you Billy Crystal...I still crack up every time I remember this old routine of yours)

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Man, I ain't heard THAT since '72!  ;)  'Bout the time even WHITE guys stopped saying "Right on!"  :D 


I(and likely 300+ million other people) wouldn't see any sense to adding a contemporary "life-lesson" story at the end of what's supposed to be an attempt to historically portray the creation of the commandments, according to existing scripture.   It might not have made sense to audiences back in '27, which since THAT movie was released with the tale, it was too late to mercifully omit it.  Unless there's documentation somewhere of audience reactions to it that are positive.  And too, this is basically MHO.  ;) 


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10 hours ago, Im4movies2 said:

DARGO!  I always hear the voice of Groucho in my head when you post!  Do you look/sound like him in real life?

Hi Im4.

Nope, while I've always loved "The One The Only"'s unique comic delivery and his irreverent film/television persona (who doesn't of course), over the years I've often been told by others that I actually look and even sound quite a bit like actor James Coburn.

(...and once again that would be James, NOT Charles...and who were not related, btw) ;)

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What gave people back then the impression men like Noah and Moses had a long white beard and is in line for a hip implant?

Odd how an atheist may had hit this one on the button (what it takes to build something the size of a small aircraft carrier) <_< 

Not bad for a guy doing 600 and counting. :D


Want a piece of me?




Moses in "Gods and Kings" going on 80 and need no geriatric supplements. 



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11 hours ago, hamradio said:

Movie has a serious error....there are 613. :wacko:




  • There are 613 commandments, not 10
  • The "Ten Commandments" are categories
  • The 10 are divided into duties to G-d and duties to people
  • Different religions divide the 10 in different ways

BUT, according to a very memorable George Carlin comedy routine, can all still be revised down to only two when you think about it.

(...and I'd post this classic old routine of George's, but the last time I did that at another website, some real religious dude got all ticked-off about it, and so I won't)  


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