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Incorrect TCM Movie Ads/Synopses

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I know this is going to sound (& probably is) an*l, but does anyone besides me get irked at the blatantly incorrect synopses TCM sometimes airs every couple of months or so?

This time around it's for "The Body Snatcher", & I'm cringing every time I hear it.  Voice-over ad for the movie says "Boris Karloff & Bela Lugosi are a driver & a doctor with a deadly trade agreement in The Body Snatcher".  Hello TCM?  While Boris Karloff IS a driver, Bela was only a servant in DOCTOR Henry Daniell's household.  One would think that a prerequisite for holding the job of writing these bits would be to actually know something about the film, wouldn't one?

And this isn't the only time/movie/actor this has happened; there have been a fair number of others.  Husband laughs at me when I shake my little fist at the screen, but I just can't help myself - lol!



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28 minutes ago, scsu1975 said:

My favorite is when they credit the director of a film as Rex Ingram and they show a photo of actor Rex Ingram. If you've seen both of these guys, they are pretty easy to tell apart.

Yeah, and ya know Rich, there's a new one o' these kind'a things lately...




(...kind'a make ya wonder if and when TCM gets around to showin' 12 Year a Slave if they'll post a picture of The King of Cool as the director of the thing, doesn't it?!) ;)

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Btw, here's another movie synopsis I once read that I wasn't too sure about:

Teenage girl travels to a foreign country where she kills the first local she comes across, then joins up with three misfits and together they travel to the capital where she kills the sister of her first victim, overthrows the country's leader, then returns home leaving the misfits in charge.

(...nope, somehow I just don't think this was exactly what Melvin LeRoy had in mind when he hired Victor Fleming to direct that flick)  


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I believe that one synopsis ruined a movie for me. I am sorry to say that I do not remember either title or stars. The synopsis stated that there was a romantic triangle. The movie is about an aviator who was overprotective of his sister and a new aviator who wished to date that sister. I spent the time of the entire movie looking for cues and hints indicating that the brother and sister were dating. The movie was made during the code and so I knew that they would have to be subtle but I found none. This distraction and disappointment made the movie seem quite uninteresting. 


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