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When I joined the TCM message boards ten years ago, I found a fun little thread that some of us had a lot of fun with for a few years.  Unfortunately, many of the members left the boards over time and the participation in the game declined.  Now that we have a lot of new folks, I thought it might be a good time to revive it.  We'll call it "The Name Game".

The first poster gives sound-alike clues to parts of a well known celebrity's name.  For instance:

To Steal + Ernie's Friend On "Sesame Street" + A Person Who Makes Clothes 

That's a simple one.  The answers would be : Rob + Bert + Tailor or Robert Taylor  The one who solved the clues would post that answer and then leave clues to another name.  Remember, there are two parts to the game, solving the puzzle and leaving clues to a new name for someone else to solve.  You do not need to wait for confirmation of your answer.  If you are wrong, that person who posted the clues will let you know.

You can make them simple or you can be a bit more clever and give clues that may require a little knowledge, or possibly a bit of research.  Here is an old favorite:

Marilyn Monroe Starred In "_____ Stop", + What Two Boys Stole In "Going My Way" + One Time Boxer Two-_____ Tony Galento

The answer would be Bus + Turkey+ Ton.  If you separate the syllables, you have Bus + Tur+ Key+ Ton or Buster Keaton

I find that clues involving movies, TV, songs, i.e. pop culture make the most effective clues.

Let's give it a try.  I'll post the first one:


Groucho's Show "You _____ Your Life" + "____ And Sympathy" + Linda _____ Played Sue Ellen On "Dallas" + He Played The German Ship's Captain In "The African Queen"



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Barbara Stanwyck

Clever last clue, Polecat.  I found the passage:

Dickon curved his wide smiling mouth.

"It's as wick as you or me," he said; and Mary remembered that Martha had told her that "wick" meant "alive" or "lively."

"I'm glad it's wick!" she cried out in her whisper. "I want them all to be wick. Let us go round the garden and count how many wick ones there are."


Theme Music From "Modern Times" + TV's Matt Houston + He Fought A Duel With Alexander Hamilton + Alan Ladd Film "The Man In The _______"

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Carole Lombard

It took a few minutes because I kept thinking Herbert was Herbert Marshall.



Author Of "My Antonia" + Robert Blake Revived His Career With "____ Cold Blood" + Habitant Soup Sponsored TV's "The ____ Ghost" + Lon Chaney Jr. Played Count Alucard, The "_____ Of Dracula" 

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I get My + Cole + Jack + Son or Michael jackson


Annette Funicello Had a Hit Record With "Tall _______" + Eva Marie Saint Appears In "Because Of _______-Dixie" + He Won An Oscar For "Judgement At Nuremberg" + "____ The Angels Sing" + Nickname For Gerald Or Jerome + On The Flip Side, Annette Sang "____, He's Making Eyes At Me" + A Country Square Dance Is Sometimes Called A ____-Down + French Film "Claire's _______"   


Something a little different here. 

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