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March 2019 Schedule is up!! SOTM Fredric March (Madness)


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I love that the March Spotlight is on Newspaper films.  I love newspaper movies! 



Craig's Wife. I've always wanted to see the original version of Harriet Craig, plus I really like Rosalind Russell--she's one of my favorites.

The Life of Vergie Winters.  I've never heard of this film, but it features two people I like: Ann Harding and Bonita Granville. I also like the synopsis.  It's about a politician who maintains a second family on the side.


The Dark Angel.  This film sounds interesting and I like Herbert Marshall.


Constance Bennett marathon.  This one sounds good, Bed of Roses.  "A girl from the wrong side of the tracks is torn between true love and a life of sin." 


The Man With Two Faces.  The synopsis states that Edward G. Robinson, playing an actor, uses his skills to protect sister Mary Astor from her "sinister" husband.  I wonder what these "skills" are that he uses. 

They Won't Forget.  This Claude Rains films sounds interesting.  I'm also a big fan of Rains. 


Cyd Charisse birthday tribute.  I've seen all the films showcased, except Meet Me in Las Vegas.  I'd like to see The Unfinished Dance again, because I'd like to see how it ended.

Ann-Margret night! I love Ann-Margret.  I'll record State Fair, because I like the idea of a pairing between Ann-Margret and Bobby Darin. 


Top O' the Morning.  I don't expect this film to be good, but I like Ann Blyth and would like to see more of her films.


Mystery House.  An Ann Sheridan film I haven't seen.

The Patient in Room 18.  Another Ann Sheridan film I haven't seen.


The Bitter Tea of General Yen. A Barbara Stanwyck film I haven't seen.


We're in the Money.  A Joan Blondell/Glenda Farrell film I haven't seen.


Another Part of the Forest.  The cast (Fredric March, Dan Duryea, Ann Blyth, Edmond O'Brien and John Dall) sounds intriguing as does the storyline.

Bedtime Story.  This film co-starring March with Loretta Young sounds like it could be amusing.


The China Syndrome.  I've always wanted to see this film.  I like Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon and Michael Douglas.


Queen of Blood.  Starring Basil Rathbone.  I'll admit that this only caught my eye because of the title.


Sweet November.  Even though Sandy Dennis can be annoying, I like the sounds of this film.  In this movie, Dennis plays a woman who refuses to allow her romances to last longer than a month.  I can already imagine what is going to happen.

Lady in the Lake.  I've seen this film multiple times.  The more I watch it, the more I like it.  Montgomery's first person perspective grows on me a little more with each successive viewing.

The Alphabet Murders.  This film sounds like it could be good.  I always enjoy Tony Randall.


I'm all in for the Disney Vault animal movies.


It All Came True. An Ann Sheridan and Humphrey Bogart film I haven't seen.

Middle of the Night.  I'm a big fan of Kim Novak and this is a film of hers that I haven't seen.


The Footloose Heiress.  Another Ann Sheridan film that I haven't seen.


The Working Man.  A Bette Davis movie I haven't seen.

That Way With Women.  A Sydney Greenstreet film I haven't seen.


The Key.  A William Holden film that I haven't seen. 


The Great Sinner.  A Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner film that I haven't seen.  I also tend to like Robert Siodmak's films.

Overall, I think it's a pretty decent schedule-- a lot of films that I know nothing about! 


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3/22 - Morituri, a pretty good and rarely aired Fox WWII espionage thriller with Marlon Brando. Curiously, it's listed as a Western.

And stay up late for Lifeforce! A slow-building alien vampire movie with some recognizable faces - Peter Firth, Frank Finlay, Patrick Stewart. And a score by Henry Mancini! A stunningly beautiful 20-year-old actress named Mathilda May spends most of the movie walking around naked.

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Frederic March as SOTM for March is pretty inspired and it means a wide variety of films.

I'm fine with the selection, but I am still going to point out that it was recently discovered he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan in college.

For real.

Good actor tho, in fact I'm hard-pressed to think of a less vain leading man- he was so handsome early on, but he eased in to middle age and jumped into character roles. I especially recommend THE DESPERATE HOURS (1955?) and INHERIT THE WIND (I think he's better than Tracy in it.)

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Just now, Hibi said:

SIGH. Another repeat SOTM. And so many others waiting for their first. WHERE'S JOAN BENNETT?????

Yeah, I love March as an actor and he was in so many great classic flicks...but I was surprised he was chosen again. I'd definitely welcome a month of Joan Bennett movies.

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12 hours ago, sewhite2000 said:

3/23 - Sweet November. I only knew of the Keanu Reeves/Charlize Theron version. I didn't know it was a remake of a 1968 movie with Anthony Newley and Sandy Dennis.

This was one of the rare cases where I saw a newer adaptation (the Reeves/Theron) film before a prior (original),  adaptation.    But because I'm a sucker for all things Theron I saw this one.   It was later on that I saw the 68 film on TCM.  


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Great to see Fredric March get a SOTM tribute.    March might be the biggest major star of his era that isn't given his due (e.g. NOT part of the top-25 AFI list).    I know that I often forget about him.

But one look at his long and very impressive film legacy as well as his many fine performances reminds me how much he brought to American films.


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MARION DAVIES!  March 17th


This is one of my projects. Lush romantic drama set in Ireland but beautifully filmed at Point Lobos on the Monterey peninsula. There's a flashback scene with a medieval setting. Set design by the great Joseph Urban. Ben Model composed the score for this project (which is available on Amazon). Beautiful print from Library of Congress.


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