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FilmStruck Shuts down


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FilmStruck ended service in November.

At the Watch TCM website, there have been no new titles uploaded lately and the last film uploaded was "Cover Up" which is set to expire on December 25. I can watch the live on air feed from both coasts just fine, but the film inventory is now static - nothing new is being uploaded. In fact, they have a color graphic of "Woman of the Year," but when I click on it, there is no "play" button. This is occurring in both Chrome and Firefox, so I don't think it's my computer.

Is this the end of the Watch TCM website? Is it because FilmStruck tanked?

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11 hours ago, Mona said:

Is this the end of the Watch TCM website?

Not sure Mona. :unsure:
TCM has pulled this type of Crapola on numerous occasions in the past. It got really bad towards the end of 2017.
So it may be part of the same'O as in the past, or something entirely "different" this time???
Since TCM has a rather long history of being non-communicative regarding their website, et al. it wouldn't surprise me that if WATCH TCM were going away, that they'd make it disappear without any warning, explanation or fanfare.
After all, they pumped Filmstruck as a "sister" website pretty hard, but said nothing at all to us here when it rather quickly faded away.
TCM is now under the "ownership" banner of ATT and my first hand past experience with those controlling money grubbers leaves me with nothing  positive to say. :angry:
(thanks to the "new" less regulatory FCC for supporting these corporations over equal viewer access).

I've learned that all things (both good and bad) eventually fade away (nothing is "permanent", except perhaps the elements that form the universe). So if (or when) TCM or any of it's components vanish like the dinosaurs, all I can say is that it was "good" (sometimes bittersweet) while it lasted.

However, if TCM "does away" with WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND then I will no longer have a reason to subscribe via my TVSP for the channel, as I have only maintained that service the past several years to give me access to WATCH TCM. Practically everything else that I watch I obtain from on-line streaming these days, so I will cut that portion of my cable bill and only maintain an ISP.
In recent years TCM has a gained a growing number of mobile subscribers who do likewise, so there will be "cries to the heavens" if ATT cuts out this very integral part of TCM.
I see it as bad business, but this is ATT we're also talking about and that corporation's business has long been to "give consumers the business" (if you know what I mean).

I'm still not certain if that is what will happen in this case though.
TCM has pushed this type of "incompetence" right up to the end of the title list before... so we have until next week (next Tuesday, 12/25/2018, hmmm, Xmas) to see if it will be "remedied" by then or not.
If not then there will still be that hand-full of shorts that are not due to expire until the end of December.
If nothing "new" has been added before the new year, then we can all sing the dirge, and I for one will no-longer pay my cable TVSP for something that I am no longer able to receive.
I surmise that I will not be alone with that decision.

I may still maintain access to TCM, but if I do it will be through SlingTV, or Hulu or some other less expensive on-line streaming service.

Like I said, the only reason why I pay a higher tier to my current TVSP is to have access to WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND (as good and bad as it is, or was?), without that availability, I will save my self a little money... 
So if this does happen, as others have voiced their fears that it might be, then for me, it may be a blessing in-disguise, as I have spent thousands over the years to keep TCM in my life, and perhaps it is time for me to go "cold-turkey" and break my "addiction" to TCM.
Not my love for classic films mind you, just TCM/ATT.   

This may just be ATT's "Merry Xmas" kiss off to a large section of TCM's devoted fans! :unsure:
"Happy Holidays," from TCM (and your good "friends" at ATT)...

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I appreciate the input, Stephan55. It certainly can be frustrating! But WATCH TCM website is apparently back up tonight (Dec 21, 2018) and has added the titles it should have added after they aired - so perhaps someone who moderates this site had some influence on TPTB over at TCM proper. It's a shame FilmStruck tanked! It had a decent membership. Honestly, I don't see how this "one from column A and one from column B" approach to web streaming will last. We can't subscribe to everything that is now going to "subscription" - who on earth could afford to do that?! Best a person can do is pick out one or two and know that the rest will simply have to go by the wayside. I'm just glad that some channels offer web streaming in addition to their cable channel.

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