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"american experience" - (new show) "This is Bob Hope"


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  • 3 weeks later...

Actually, I'm pretty sure the "promo" said "American Experience".

I am not CRAZY about the "American Masters" series because they always seem to want to de-construct the HERO they are profiling. Just give us the facts, great photos and film footage, and not current political opinion, please.

Walt Disney doesn't need any criticism---this man was terrific.

Neither does Gutzon Borglum, the creator of Mount Rushmore.

The PBS history shows can be a bit petty.

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I'm not contradicting you nor doubting you. Just curious enough about your news item to want to confirm that both shows are still ongoing. I wasn't aware of their status either way. It seems to me that PBS periodically comes under fire these days, from conservative lawmakers seeking its destruction (it's all become a political football) so I've long since lost interest in public TV. I like stability!

I used to be a fan of both shows. As I recall, they don't just offer "biographies"--I've seen scads of stage plays and unusual music performances via these two programs.

The archived episodes --wherever they are--hopefully will remain available for a long time and hopefully they will always show what normal society was like before being besieged by all this carping, whingeing, phony, whitewashing PC revisionism.

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