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Tonight's edition of "Bob's Picks"

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I've never seen the original My Blue Heaven but I understand it's a good comedy. The one showing first, A Royal Scandal, is a real delight and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it (there is a dedicated thread in the Films and Filmmakers forum).


I Know Where I'm Going! is also quite a charming film, from the makers of Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes.


Great picks, Bob!! :D

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*"he definitely does"* - tcmprogrammr


Yes. I remember his excitement and the gratitude he expressed to you for getting *Cluny Brown* for his Christmas Eve picks last year.


Kyle (Say "Hi" To The Mrs.!) In Hollywood

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Coincidentally I just finally caught up with the tape I made of CLUNY BROWN on Christmas Eve...I hadn't seen it since it played an L.A. revival theater in the '70s. What a treat!


In case TCMprogrammr or anyone at TCM can fix this, the CLUNY BROWN plot in the article posted on TCM when the movie aired bears virtually no resemblance to the actual movie. I can only assume it's so hard to get ahold of the film that the person who wrote the article didn't get the chance to screen it first. I did email TCM about this earlier today but hope it definitely comes to someone's attention so the plot doesn't remain posted as is in perpetuity (Cluny wants to marry the owner of the estate where she works?).


Anyway...I always look forward to seeing what Mr. Osborne picks. A ROYAL SCANDAL sounds quite interesting. I'm not familiar with it at all. I'm delighted TCM is showing more Fox films recently. (Now if you could get CENTENNIAL SUMMER and MARGIE...!)

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I have all these Betty Grable movies on DVD already. But it does look they are getting more Fox films. MY BLUE HEAVEN, Lo! a fold up and down Flat-Panel Color television with a huge screen in 1950! Where did that come from???


Overall, MY BLUE HEAVEN is kind of a Clunker. I have seen much better Betty Grable pictures than this one. The title tune is of course from the 1920's

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I watched two of these films tonight as I was taking a rare evening off from work to mess around on the internet.


A Royal Scandal was, to be honest, one of the stupidest films I've seen in some time. I couldn't actually tell whether some of the 'comedy' was intentional or not, but in any event, it wasn't funny - just annoying. Most annoying of all was her persistence in calling him Alex-"i". GAH, that was godawful! Of course none of this was made any better by the fact that I have long been a student of Russian history and language. When it came to Russian history, language and culture, this film was simply dreadful. And if it was instead intended to be funny or some sort of spoof, it failed. The only redeeming point of the entire thing was Charles Coburn, IMO. As usual, he was great.


My Blue Heaven, IMO was a much better movie. Not the best Betty Grable film I've ever seen - that white hair thing she had goin' on made her look much older than her age, for one thing. But the story was good and the music was decent.

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Hey there Beda! What have you been up to? I thought you had vanished of the face of the earth? It has been so long since I have talked to you. I don't even remember any more when the last time was? Good to know you are still among the land of the living! did you change your E-Mail address?

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