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"Contact Us" Option is Non-responsive

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Anyone know why when you write to Contact Us for help with a issue, you get a mail bot type reply saying "Thanks for your email", and that's it. No acknowledgement of the issue, no saying what they will do to correct the problem, nothing. Just an unresponsive email and no resolution. What is going on???

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On 1/17/2019 at 8:17 PM, Steve Cripe said:

Anyone know why...

None of us know why... (or if some of "us" do they aren't telling the rest of us here about it).
Many of us have postulated, but without ant concrete confirmation, they are just theories.

The sad fact is that for at least as long as I have been visiting these boards (and at one time I had read every thread and post in the "Problems with TCM" forum to find an answer from somebody.... anybody) TCM has remained totally unresponsive  (aside from that simple and ineffective generically generated "Thanks for your email" that you have mentioned).
I've Not read a single post here that anyone has ever received anything more than that from TCM.
Many of us (including myself) have sent numerous email queries, made telephone calls, even written letters... All to no avail.
A few of us over the years have even joined the now defunct TCM "Insider's Club," the TCM "Backlot," attended TCM festivals and even gone on TCM cruises, hoping that they would be able to contact someone associated with TCM about TCM's lack of responsiveness on their own website.
Long ago I read a couple of posts here that one had actually spoken with "someone" affiliated with TCM in person about this (and other issues of concern) while on a TCM cruise. They wrote they were told by that "person" that the issues would be followed up on and "investigated," but as we all can see, nothing more came of that. 

The TCM Moderator's here (on rare occasion) have actually posted that they have forwarded a particular concern on to "someone," "somewhere" within the TCM chain of "command," but have also told us that they have no power to make anything happen (aside from deleting "offensive" posts and threads upon the various boards here).

So my "newbie" friend, welcome to the "wonderful", ill responsive world of TCM.
If you were hoping for more "professional" behavior (as most of us did in our naive beginnings with TCM) then you have set yourself up for disappointment.

I always encourage anyone (everyone) here to "give it their best shot" (or shots) at "trying to get someone at TCM to actually communicate back," about anything (aside from just trying to sell us something).
And though many of us have become quite calloused by our own experience over the years here, I for one will leap for joy when (if ever) a day comes that I read that TCM has actually contacted any one of us here with a real response about anything
But so far TCM's lack of responsiveness has been their standard response, and none of us really knows the reason/s why?

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Stephan55... Thanks so much for taking the time to write a response. I thought maybe it was just me being a newbie and I was doing something wrong. I am surprised to hear that this is an ongoing, chronic problem. You would think that the image that TCM portrays that they would be a bit more professional in their conduct and how they treat their members. But I guess not. Oh well, I will lower my expectations and not believe anything they promised me for becoming a member of this little club. 

Thanks again for your time


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On 1/29/2019 at 5:07 AM, Steve Cripe said:

not believe anything they promised me for becoming a member of this little club

"Promised"?? "member of this little club" ????
If you are talking about "Backlot" then that is something else entirely. No idea what "promises" anyone receives by "becoming a member" of that????
But regarding joining these boards, I cannot recall that TCM made any "promises" to me about anything. 
Innuendo maybe. Strong and oft repeated "ideals" that TCM was perhaps better, more professional, caring, and personable, than it really is.
Of course many of us don't really discover the falsity of our misconceptions until we actually try to contact them about "whatever" and come to realize that all avenues of communication that they promote (except their sales dept.) are just dead ends.

Some of us that actually read up (and check out the "privacy" statement) discover early on that TCM is just another business (part of and controlled by a bigger conglomerate) perhaps no better or worse than any other business. And their primary goal is to make a profit for their shareholders.

The noticeable difference between TCM and most other businesses is the "product" that they sell.
Many of us invite TCM into our homes because they appear so personable and familial with their hosts, and those old movies that many of us sentimentally grew up with (and that younger viewers are discovering anew).
Those warm fuzzys make us think that TCM is really different than some other commercial entity.
When in reality they are just really good at selling what they sell, and are one of the few remaining places that offer "Uncut" and "Commercial Free" presentations, no more or less.

Aside from that we are viewed by their corporate controllers no differently than anywhere else.
We are mere marketing assets to be monitored and manipulated to the best of their ability to and by their numerous affiliates and third party vendors.
When we finally realize that, it may bother some of us like when discovered that our parents don't always tell the truth and that there is no santa claus... but, as bitter a pill as that may be to swallow, (I think) it is better to know and enjoy what TCM does have to offer (when it does actually work as promoted), and (despite of) what it is, than to allow ourselves to be disappointed by the imagined "reality" of what it isn't.

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Well when I signed up, I was supposed to receive a newsletter (monthly?), a movie guide telling what movies are playing when, and it seems like there was something else that all was mentioned that was going to be sent to me via email periodically. I have gotten nothing. And when I try to write to the "Contact Us" link, I get a canned reply saying, "Thanks for writing us". That's it...no answer to my question, no help with my problem. Just "thanks for writing". What a silly joke this TCM is.

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46 minutes ago, Steve Cripe said:

I have gotten nothing. And when I try to write to the "Contact Us" link, I get a canned reply saying, "Thanks for writing us". That's it...no answer to my question, no help with my problem. Just "thanks for writing".

Haha, well that is all you'll likely get from "Contact Us" around here.
I remember when I first tried (and continued to retry) that supposed avenue of communication years ago.
Yep, I was quite the "believer" myself until then. But I was so loyal to TCM that it was hard to convince me otherwise.
I called, left verbal messages. I wrote snail mail letters (all quite respectful and courteous) .... and not a single reply to nothing.
I finally came to this forum, and read every thread and post seeking an answer.
I eventually and quite sadly discovered that there were none forthcoming from TCM.
Still a tad bit hopeful that someday, somehow, some way, somebody here might actually get a real reply from someone at TCM. I've got a bottle aging that I'll open to celebrate if or when that ever happens!

I thought that you were going to say "Yeah, they never sent me that "Free" TCM Backlot T-shirt they promised".... :rolleyes:

46 minutes ago, Steve Cripe said:

I was supposed to receive a newsletter (monthly?), a movie guide telling what movies are playing when, and it seems like there was something else that all was mentioned that was going to be sent to me via email periodically.

Yeah, well you are far from alone in that dept. There are numerous complaining threads and posts, even in the GD forums talking about persons never receiving the digital "Now Playing" guide that they were "promised" when TCM decided to stop mailing them out to subscribers.
But hang in there, after several months some of those posters have written that they finally started to receive that emailed stuff.
Frankly I receive too much email crap from TCM, most just trying to sell me something that I neither need or want.
Everything from TCM goes to my Junk folder these days.

If the Schedule is important, you can click on the link in the top bar next to WATCH TCM.
Or you can save the following links somewhere and just change the time zone and dates as appropriate.

Daily Full



46 minutes ago, Steve Cripe said:

What a silly joke this TCM is. 

Yep, and the joke is on us. :(

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HaHa... finally figured out how to get somewhat of a response. Complain on one of the TCM accounts on Twitter! I happen to have an account on Twitter and I've been going on to one of the TCM accounts every now and then and asking why they make promises to people like saying they will send them newsletters and movie guides on a regular basis and then send them nothing. And why they never answer their members concerns and complaints. Well I finally got an email saying that I should be expecting my newsletters and movie guides to start on/around the 15th of January. I thought, well how about that... finally! But, you guessed it... the 15th of January came and went and no newsletter, no movie guide, no nothing. Same old TCM... thanks for the promises, again!



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Frankly after all this time and energy I've put into trying to get from TCM what they promise you, I really don't care anymore. They don't seem to care unless you're a high society, wine-buying, cruise-going, well-connected and paying somebody. If you're just a everyday "Joe" who likes movies, but isn't one of the "in crowd" class of people mentioned above, TCM doesn't give a flying rip about you. They have taken on the attitude of the country; you are nobody unless you do something for me first. Apathy, lack of follow through with promises, poor customer service, etc. Ah well, I've got bigger things to do and deal with. No sense in getting wrapped up in an issue like this when they don't give a crap about you. You all have fun!

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