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Whew! That Was a Long 8 Hours, Ay Folks?


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Against boredom, even the Gods labour in vain...

It didn't really put a hurt on me, after all I was still able to multi-task. Had some stupid stuff needed doing whether the site was up or down. But multi-tasking at dumb computer tasks is made easier if there's something else to glance at, while you're doing it.

The same thing doesn't occur when I read a novel, or work on a craft/hobby. Hmm

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2 hours ago, slaytonf said:

Calm.  Calm.  Deep breath.

Now, there's other things.  BBC America.  Dominoes.  Ice cream.  Crossword puzzles.

For a few moments there, I was almost hoping. . . .

. . .well, nevermind. . . .

Sounds like a good night to me. Pizza is the most perfect food. I like Dominoes’ $5.99 menu. 

I made Vincent Price’s Breast of Chicken Au Champagne for dinner and watched game shows. Now I’m drinking champagne and watching “Laura” while sitting next to my electric fireplace. 

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15 hours ago, darkblue said:

No TCM community for a long time there. I've still got the tremblies.

It wouldn't surprise me the least if AT&T decided to can it, but not without some sort of message of forewarning.  (I've always thought they run this forum more like a liability than an asset, probably just my MBA detector going off)

It sounds more like a server was shut down for work.  It appears the forum part of this website goes out to Cloudfront  - a "cloud" service which is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on top of that it appears to be hosted on Invision "Community In The Cloud" (Invision CIC) - a forum provider.  TCM's forum is just one of many different accounts that they centrally manage from there.  So plenty of room for complexity.

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With all the modern methods of communicating -

TCM.com - no notice that the message boards were unavailable but coming back later

TCM's Facebook page - no notice...

TCM's Twitter account - no notice...

I know I must live in a dream world where someone could take 5 minutes to allay our fears.

I don't mean to take TCM for granted but wouldn't that have been nice?

As another example I occasionally try to watch golf tournaments on GOLF channel and the schedule is always changing because one golf round will run over before coverage of the next event begins.  But nobody can update the schedule on the web so you know what is going on.

Perhaps these cases require action by a higher-up to authorize the notice, so nobody thinks of it or is willing to take the initiative.

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