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Though some might nominate in the tasteless films category, a film like Pink Flamingos by John Waters, which is fine, but I might instead pick something like Jess Franco's infamous, The Sadist from Notre Dame. I tend to think when the tasteless aspect is done on purpose, like in Pasolini's, Salo that it puts itself in a bit of a side category to the prevailing category. 

Tasteless for a specific reason could be construed as differently motivated than tasteless without knowledge of being tasteless. Either way, tasteless films can be intriquing as taste can often be an impediment to art and creativity as someone who knew that well once said.

Though everyone thinks they have good taste, do they? And is this all meaningless in the bigger picture. Your call...

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1 hour ago, LawrenceA said:

I don't. I know I have terrible taste. And I probably taste terrible, too.

One could almost say you have no taste;  as in no specific, well defined,  preferences;  as it relates to movies you like to experience everything and have the patience to do so.  I really respect that.   (I based this on the amazing number of films you have seen from all eras,  etc...). 

Me;  I have very narrowly defined taste (this applies to music and art as well), and often I don't have the patience to try new-things.    So I'm stuck in a rut,  but it is a very tasteful rut!     

I do need to get out of my bubble and forums like this help.

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45 minutes ago, cigarjoe said:

“Ah, good taste! What a dreadful thing! Taste is the enemy of creativeness.”

― Pablo Picasso

Pablo was on to something here and I need to remind myself of that as a consumer and as a musician.

E.g.  I spend decades trying to sound like jazz guitarist Grant Green because I felt he had the most tasteful sound.   I purchased the same guitar, and amp.   Played with his recording forever.   I got close but mimicking someone is the complete opposite of being creative.


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