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Favorite African-American stars?

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Don't forget incredibly masculine and handsome Laurence Fishburne and my favorite old-time comedian Willie Best. Best was in The Ghostbreakers, and as far as I'm concerned he stole the show from Bob Hope.


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Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order:


Eddie "Rochester" Anderson

Louis Armstrong

Mantan Moreland

Teresa Harris

Dudley Dickerson

Paul Robeson

Dooley Wilson

Clarence Muse

The Nicholas Brothers

Willie Best

Fats Waller

Ernie Morrison

Bill Robinson

Matthew "Stymie" Beard

Allen "Farina" Hoskins

Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas

Lena Horne

Hattie McDaniel

Sam McDaniel



Fats Domino

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Bill Cosby

Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry (Stepin Fetchit)

Duke Ellington

Ossie Davis

Morgan Freeman

Ruby Dee

Nat King Cole


Alvin Childress

Spencer Williams

Tim Moore

Ernestine Wade

Amanda Randolph

Lillian Randolph

Johnny Lee

Nick Stewart (aka Nick O'Demus)

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*Modern Stars:*

Denzel Washington - fabulous actor AND breathtakingly handsome.

Morgan Freeman

Whoopie Goldberg

Gregory Hines (I used to LOVE to watch him dance - White Nights in particular was a great movie!)



*Classic Stars:*

Sidney Poitier

Hattie McDaniel


If any of these folks are in a film, that automatically makes it worth watching, as far as I'm concerned. Never seen a sub-par performance from any of them.

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In truth, I like her movies from the late 80's and early 90s. Stuff like Jumpin' Jack Flash and Sister Act. And she was really good in Ghost.


I'm not sure if she is doing movies now. I think she is busy with The View.

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Unfortunately due to early Cinema's treatment to minority actors, there isn't too many classic actors to choose from.

Most will say *Hattie McDaniels*, *Paul Robeson*, *Sidney Poitier* and *Harry Belafonte*.

As for the more modern black actors my list would be:

*Denzel Washington*- When his career is over he will surely go down as one of the ten best of all time.

*Will Smith*

*Halle Berry*

*Whoopi Goldberg*

*Morgan Freeman*- AWESOME!!

*James Earl Jones*

*Don Cheadle*- UNDERRATED

*Forest Whitaker*- Consumate character actor and sometime leading man/director.

*Alfre Woodard"

*Angela Bassett*

*Laurence Fishburne*

*Cicely Tyson*

*Jaimie Foxx*

*Richard Pryor*- Not the greatest actor of all time, but still one of the funniest guys to ever live.

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Thank you for mentioning so many great African-American actors, Penman! I agree with you completely, there are relatively few to choose from in the years of classic cinema, due to the limited opportunities they had.


Of the ones you mentioned, I am also a really big fan of James Earl Jones, Don Cheadle, and Alfre Woodard - they're all such _great_ actors!







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I have to mention Juanita Moore. She got stuck in her share of those maid roles and, in "Witness To Murder" (1954) she was listed in the credits as "Negress". Sad. "Imitation of Life" should have opened so many doors for her, but her only really high-profile role after that was in "The Singing Nun". It would have been wonderful to see her in one of the leading roles that she only got to support. A great, under-utilized talent.

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My favorite classic stars are Sidney Poitier, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Lincoln Perry(Stepin Fetchit), Woody Strode, the Nicholas brothers, Louis Armstrong, Hattie McDaniel and Juanita Moore.

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I also like Beah Richards, who played Sidney Poitier's mother in "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner". She was also in "The Miracle Worker", "The Great White Hope", "In The Heat of The Night", and made a number of TV appearamces. She had a kind of goodnatured gravitas, somewhat like Thelma Ritter and Shirley Booth.

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Who was the great African-American actor who did the narration on a show that used to be on A&E? Sorry, I can't remember either the show name or the actor, but I do remember at the time marveling at how much atmosphere his narration gave to the proceedings.


For me, AA actors bring something to the table that is so filled with real feeling and pathos - they tug at my heart strings. Sorry to use that cliche but it perfectly expresses my emotional responses to their performances.

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