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Movie Partners.


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For me, the traditional popcorn partner is a very poor choice – popcorn husks can easily get stuck between teeth and gums causing irritation, attracting bacteria and leading to tooth decay…not to mention those very hard kernels, which can break and/or chip a tooth. Then there’s the salt promoting over drinking along with butter a tasty fat…no thank you popcorn – I’ll take licorice, black! 🖤

Alcoholic beverages can be fine in moderation or a disaster for movie junkies – beer for watching sports, wine for fine dining, concentrate/shots never – I’ll take a coke, the “cherry” type! ❤️

“I want a new drug…one that won’t hurt my head, make my mouth too dry or eyes too red” – the American revolution of weed is rapidly spreading across the county but what type is right for me and my movies – “sativa”, “indica” or some “hybrid”??? – Vaginal Cannabis Lubes/Oils???

Let the experimentation begin! :wacko:



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What revolution? bah. And hey, whats up with the expletives? Here, I thought this was a family friendly website.

Anyway munching of food only suits me during the opening of a film. After the first fifteen minutes it must be banished to the floor or to the empty seat. But popcorn is fine and causes me no problems. If it ever did, I would deal with it summarily in the men's loo. I always carry dental floss in my pocket when I'm out-and-about.

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I don't mind popcorn so much, but yeah, do agree with the "cons" you mention.

But anything without a loud "crunch" is fine too.  When I was a kid, the local movie house I'd frequent sold potato chips in a "silent" bag, that really WAS silent!.  But then again, the chips WEREN'T ("CRUNCH!") 

And since adulthood, HAVE to have my SNO-CAPS, regardless. 

But at first blush, I thought this thread was going to be about ACTING DUOS (Hope-Crosby, etc.) or perhaps those you either go to the theater with, or watch at home with.

My main "movie partner" is gone now, so..........


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6 minutes ago, Sepiatone said:

perhaps those you either go to the theater with, or watch at home with.

Yeah me too.

I rarely watch movies at home with anyone but the dog.

The kind of stuff MrTiki likes is way too violent for me and the kind of stuff I like is too "silly" for him.

We both belong to a classic film group so we see whatever is scheduled, lumping it. What's really funny is when something screened is super popular with the audience & a real groaner for both of us. (Doris Day comedies/Betty Grable period musicals fall within that)

A fellow member of the group is my "movie theater buddy". We will travel to a classic theater to see any sort of oddity or tripe being screened that neither of our partners could tolerate. He has urged me to see any number of films I initially rejected, like THE GIANT CLAW, of which I am forever grateful. 

..."Trust the Movie Buddy"...

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