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They had their chance to do things right - but they couldn't bear facing the loss of all those illegal voters.

So, now Trump will take care of getting the right thing done without them.

And Americans will not forget and will propel him into his second term.

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NewsweekVerified account @Newsweek


Watch: Pelosi warns against Trump's plan to declare a national emergency:

"Just think of what a president with different values can present to the American people." https://bit.ly/2SzehYD


Kamala HarrisVerified account @SenKamalaHarris 49m49 minutes ago


My colleagues & I have introduced two bills to

prohibit the president from diverting military construction and disaster relief funds

to his vanity project of a border wall.

It's clear now that he is willing to go around Congress to do this. We must pass these bills immediately.

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A Caution to Pentagon Officials Asked to Obligate “National Emergency” Funds

"............. Crying “national emergency” when there is only a weak basis to do so risks permanent damage to the ability of this and future presidents to defend the Nation, and for at least this reason no president should declare there to be a national emergency lightly. (Former National Counterterrorism Center director Nick Rasmussen offered a dim assessment on Just Security of whether there is evidence to support the finding of a border crisis.)

....it is plausible that a new Administration and the courts would hold DoD officials accountable for their own determination of whether expenditures on a border wall would be “necessary to support such use of the armed forces.” The Acting Secretary and even some subordinate officials should carefully weigh their responsibilities under the law, and their potential criminal exposure, before proceeding to obligate funds appropriated to DoD on any border wall, even if the President should declare a national emergency and invoke § 2808. ......



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Terrorists and the Southern Border: Myth and Reality


by Nicholas Rasmussen

January 8, 2019



".......In reality, no such crisis exists.

Our federal courthouses and prisons are not filled with terrorists we’ve captured at the border. There is no wave of terrorist operatives waiting to cross overland into the United States.

It simply isn’t true. Anyone in authority using this argument to bolster support for building the wall or any other physical barrier along the southern border is most likely guilty of fear mongering and willfully misleading the American people......

I f the Administration and indeed the Congress were in fact looking for ways to make the American people safer from terrorist attack, there are things that should be done, apart from building walls at the border. Indeed, for every dollar spent on a $5 billion southern border wall, American public safety could benefit exponentially more from spending it on counterterrorism elsewhere. ........


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Senator Jeff MerkleyVerified account @SenJeffMerkley 58m58 minutes ago


Law only allows the use of a #NationalEmergency in two scenarios:

1. Declaration of war

2. Emergency requiring the use of armed forces


Not because you failed at negotiating & Mexico won't pay for your racist wall. The American people will see you in court, @realDonaldTrump.

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18 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Rogue POTUS Staff @RoguePOTUSStaff 26m26 minutes ago


Dems could have played hardball w/ a rider to the spending bill that nixed D.E. option.

Why didn't they?

Because Pelosi wants POTUS to do this.

It will be great for campaign fundraising. #bipartisantraitors


If the Dems had placed such a rider on the bill, it would not have passed the Senate.  Nor would Trump have signed it.  So Dems. would be blamed for the Shutdown.  Dumb idea.

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I have already contacted my senators and representative.  Since they are loyal Trump supporters, I complained about the adverse effects it would have on military, especially dependents, surviving spouses and retirees.  The money will have to come from somebody in DOD.

Also contacted the veteran and military service organizations to which I belong.

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Yeah, tell that to hurricane victims..........The president cant just transfer money from projects already earmarked. If that's the case why have Congress in the first place? Just have a king who can fund whatever he wants for whatever project he wants. Oops! We already have one!

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