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1950 - one opinion


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1. Sunset Blvd.

2. All About Eve

3. Asphalt Jungle, The

4. Third Man, The (1949) - UK

5. Champagne for Caesar

6. Stage Fright

7. Stars in My Crown

8. Men, The

9. Three Little Words

10. Gunfighter, The

Best Actor: Jose Ferrer (Cyrano de Bergerac)

Best Actress: Gloria Swanson (Sunset Blvd.)

Supporting Actor: Vincent Price (Champagne for Caesar)

Supporting Actress: Gertrude Lawrence (Glass Menagerie, The)


NOTE: I included The Third Man because it was eligible for Academy Awards that year.

Titles watched: 138

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Well that was before my time,  ;)  But really, can't add much to that list right "off top", but does remind me....

I have a "sort" of obsession about seeing movies(with contemporary stories) made the year I was born( '51) and too, just a year before,  So I probably keep an eye out more sharply for 'em.

Like yesterday( and for the first time) watching LET'S MAKE IT LEGAL.  Kept thinking and trying to remember:

That baby used to play ROBERT WAGNER and BARBARA BATES' daughter is just a bit older than me.  And....

sadly it would be only 11 short years until MARILYN MONROE would leave us.  :( 


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My selections:


Best Actress-- Eleanor Parker as Marie Allen in CAGED (1950)

Accomplishes a remarkable transformation, psychologically and physically.


Best Supporting Actress-- Jane Cowl as Mrs. Harkness in NO MAN OF HER OWN (1950)

Playing Stanwyck's controlling mother-in-law, her characterization is brittle yet surprisingly flexible.


Best Actor-- Spencer Tracy as Stanley Banks in FATHER OF THE BRIDE (1950)

A restrained, dignified approach to comedy; a gem of a performance.


Best Supporting Actor-- Walter Huston as T.C. Jeffords in THE FURIES (1950)

Gutsy and emotionally complex; a great role to end an illustrious film career.

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2 hours ago, dagoldenage said:


I'm interested in your favorite movies from that year.

Sure. Here you go--


Louis Calhern was not a girl's best friend; Anne Baxter was honored with a Sarah Siddons Award; James Stewart and Harvey were treated by Cecil Kellaway; Barbara Stanwyck attacked Judith Anderson with a pair of scissors; Spencer Tracy gave Elizabeth Taylor away; and Gloria Swanson was ready for her mug shot.




My list:
1. SUNSET BOULEVARD (show biz drama)
2. ALL ABOUT EVE (show biz drama)
3. LA RONDE (French romance drama)
4. THE ASPHALT JUNGLE (heist film)
5. CINDERELLA (animated fairy tale)
6. BORN YESTERDAY (political satire)
7. WINCHESTER ’73 (western)
8. RASHOMON (Japanese drama)
9. ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (musical)
10. CAGED (prison drama) and NO WAY OUT (social message drama)

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1950      (119 titles seen)

  1. Sunset Boulevard
  2. Rashomon
  3. The Asphalt Jungle
  4. The Breaking Point
  5. In a Lonely Place
  6. Night and the City
  7. Los Olvidados
  8. Gun Crazy
  9. Winchester '73
  10. All About Eve

Runner-ups: Rio GrandeHarveyThree Came HomeLa RondeWagon MasterOrpheus

Best Actor: John Garfield, The Breaking Point

Best Actress: Gloria Swanson, Sunset Boulevard

Best Supporting Actor: George Sanders, All About Eve

Best Supporting Actress: Judith Anderson, The Furies

Best Juvenile Performance: Alfonso Mejia, Los Olvidados

Best Director: Akira Kurosawa, Rashomon


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My top films are going to look a lot like dagoldenage's picks, and although I have different choices for Best Actor, Actress, and Supporting Actor, I'd just as gladly take Lawrence's winners. I have Gun Crazy marked as a 1949 film (if it's 1950, it belongs on the list). I'll go along with The Third Man as 1950 to match dagoldenage, and will include a couple of foreign films.

Best Films:

All About Eve

Sunset Boulevard

The Third Man

The Asphalt Jungle

The Furies



The Breaking Point

In a Lonely Place

Three Came Home

Honorable Mention: Wagon Master, Stars in My Crown, The Men, Devil's Doorway, Panic in the Streets

Best Actor: William Holden, Sunset Boulevard

Best Actress: Bette Davis, All About Eve

Best Supporting Actor: Sam Jaffe, The Asphalt Jungle

Best Supporting Actress: Judith Anderson, The Furies

An exceptional year for films.



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1. All About Eve

2. Sunset Blvd

3. Caged

4. Born Yesterday

5. The Breaking Point

6. Cinderella 

7. Tension

8. In a Lonely Place

9. Gun Crazy (Wikipedia, IMDB, TCM and Rotten Tomatoes says 1950)

10. Night and the City

Honorable Mentions*: The Damned Don't Cry, The Asphalt Jungle, Born to Be Bad, Cheaper By the Dozen, Father of the Bride, Fancy Pants, The Fuller Brush Girl, Harriet Craig, Montana, Perfect Strangers, Summer Stock, Tea For Two, Three Little Words, Two Weeks With Love, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Woman on the Run, Young Man With a Horn

*-Any notable omissions is probably due to my not having seen the film. 

BEST ACTRESS: Anne Baxter, All About Eve

BEST ACTOR: William Holden, Sunset Blvd

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Gloria Grahame, In a Lonely Place

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: George Sanders, All About Eve



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