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marooned (1969)


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Btw here Nip...

You know the name "Apollo" that NASA used for their moon mission space capsules?

Well, THAT name goes all the way back to Greek mythology, and so WAY before comic books came along.

(...just in case ya might be wonderin' about THAT here too...although I'll bet you probably already knew that, huh!) ;)


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15 minutes ago, Michael Rennie said:

On the other hand,  Apolo Ohno was born in 1982.



Eeh! The kid here only has one 'L' in his name, and so he doesn't count in this regard! ;)

Guess his parents must've thought that second 'L' was somehow superfluous, huh.

(...little did they realize that some 'L's are not like those 'U's that the Brits still insist on including within some words that really don't need 'em, huh)

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17 minutes ago, Michael Rennie said:

Yeah but LL in Spanish is pronounced Y.

True, but considering that neither Apolo's father Yuki Ohno who is Japanese, nor is his mother Jerrie Lee, of Spanish or Hispanic descent, (isn't the internet a convenient reference source now days?) what would that have to do with this?

Actually here, the following excerpt from Apolo's Wiki page explains how his father would come up with his son's name:

His father chose to name his son Apolo after the Greek words apo, which means to "steer away from" and lo, which means "look out; here he comes.

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