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(*-Indicates an ACADEMY (AMPAS) AWARD Winner) Tried postuing this other evening, but was bone tired & had to stop.   So, please bear with me & throw in your 2 HATS, CENTS, FEDORAS-(AN ASIDE I own a S. Tracy hat & a bona fide Sinatra hat-(signatures & all),, plus an old style Newsboy cap), on below coming soon TCM BIG SCREEN EVENTS by Fathom   Think there will be about (18) & just either give a star rating, comment,etc whatever you like   THANK YOU  (NOTE: Typically I grabbed the pamphlets at my local REGAL THEATER  & Ben Mankiewicz often advertises these)

(chronological order)>

WIZARD OF OZ (l939) (MAGNIFICENT!) (opens at Regal theaters nationwide on January 27th, 29th & 30th) (not only went to it, but BOMBED on stage at age 6 as TOTO! I was a stand in for a girl at my mother's stage show) (went to 3 times or more since that 1971 stage debacle

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (1962) (4 HUGE STARS!) (March 24th & 27th)-(excuse me a personal note & I know tcm-ites will get upset, but I love her it's Madonna's A #1, just a lil vote for Ms. Ciccone, sorry)-(my runner-up all-time greatest courtroom drama)

TRUE GRIT (l969) (***1/2) (opens on March 24th & 27th)-(now I'll go to this one, not among his best, fun though & his sole Oscar, plus never saw a big screen movie with *"The Duke")   I'M CERTAIN SOMEONE WILL AGREE, PLEASE?

FIELD OF DREAMS (l989) (June 16 & 18) ($63m.) (****-stars) 

HELLO, DOLLY!" (l969) (not my own cup of cappucino myself, though *STREISAND is utterly remarkable!)

THE SHAWSHANK REDEMOPTION" (l994) (September 22, 24 & 25th) (****-stars!) (& only made $28m.) (But has a mammoth cult following, matter of fact on the perfecto site (imdb.com) it actually out voted by fans as #1 greatest picture ever made, even over *GFI. But went 0 for 7 come Oscar time?) (I went to 3 times)

THE GODFATHER, PART II (l974) (R) (November 10, 12 & 13th, 2019) (ABSOLUTELY OFF THE CHARTS! Though I barely rate *GFI better) This sequel is on because of it's 45th anniversary, always thought the flashback *Bobby De scenes were a bit stronger, who agrees? Swept 7, but didn't sell nearly as many tickets as the first) & to top it off for me I';ve yet to see this one in the theatre either)

MY FAIR LADY": (l964) (***1/2) (opens at all Regals on Feb. 17th & 20th, 2020)-(8 Oscars)

BEN-HUR (l959) (***1/2) (all know the story, but it held an AMPAS record for most victories of 11 statuettes until 1997's *"Titanic"  My personal debit, though grand filmmaking still is, *Heston, just too hammy, especially when he defeated both J. Lemmon, "Some Like It Hot" & Jimmy Stewart in "Anatomy of a Murder?" (Opens April 14 & 17) (P.S. You should check out his MANSION it takes up 4 blocks!, not to mention-(check it out online as Heston's Man Cave) he looked like he lost his mind sports fans!?)

STEEL MAGNOLIAS" (l989) (***)-(don't yet know it's gross? It did well though, keep thinking approx. $78m.) (all by know know or saw this fun comedy-drama, but as I first saw it my gut said then only 31yr old *Julia Roberts would be the lady remembered come nominee time & was.) (Opens May 19, 21 & 22nd, 2019) (P.S. I remember my ma & I rented a little flick a yr prior to this called "Mystic Pizza" (**) & kept wondering where this *Julia girl was, until she smiled & you could without a doubt see older & Oscar nommed bro Eric Roberts same face!

GLORY (l989) ($43 million) (What can one say, MAGNIFUICENT ON EVERY SINGLE LEVEL & FURTHERMORE MA EVEN RANK AMIONG HOLLYWOOD ALL-TIME TOP TEN WAR-FILMS TOO!  The score  is astonishing by (James Horner) & disgustingly not among it's only 5 nods that year  Geee, "Little Mermaid" won instead GO-FIGURE? Then there is the cast, most notably *Denzel in a walk of winning his 1qst OSCAR-(s. actor( *M. freeman equally as strong,. M. Brioderuick in the work of his career. & a mandatory history lesson for older kids, as is 1993's Gettysburg   NOT A FALSE MOMENT! (A MUST SEE I WENT BACK TWUCE  July 21st & 24th, 2020)


LAWRENCE IOF ARABIA (l962) (4 HUGE STARS!) (Obviously one of those that demands to be viewed ion the large Silver-Screen, which I haven't, not yet anyway. How can anyone even talk about this epic, adventure, bio anymore? PREMIERRE MAGFAZINE once took an insiders & fans survey on the greatest single performance of all-time & by anyone & 0'Toole won it all, whole ball of wax as Lawrence! Though among few Academy Awards it lost was his vs *Peck as Atticus Finch-(flip of a coin if you ask me?) Not a false note & watch for *Scorsese drooling over this all-timer! He's not alone, won Oscars for BP, Director-(Lean), Score-(Maurice Jarre), Cinematograophy, Costume Design, Editing & Sound & AFI in it's massive 1999 poll/survey "100yrs.1100 Movies"voted it No 5th of all-time!   Like GWTW must be viewed on a large screen & correct me if I;m wrong, may have also been my fellow Irishman Peter's debut? (TRIVIA: He always wore GREEN socks, I also have 1 pair in his honor & the real T.E. Lawrene was just 5'4, where he was easily 6'3) (Sept. 1 & 4th, 2019)


ALIEN" (l979) (R) ($117m.) (***1/2) (must admit I'm in the other tank & barely like '86's Aliens a bit better, likely due to *J,. Cameron high voltage momentum, plus there were a lots & lots more creatures in his version & man, again that score by *Horner!  The '86 installment earned 7 nominations, this did snag a few as well & won for Visuals. Ridley Scott's pacing is just different then Cameron's is all. Certainly put Weaver-(her dad was a top CBS excecutive Pat Weaver by the way) immediately on the A list, huh Tom Skerritt had top billing, that changed after it's release of course, plus it was her story with the cast in it, right? (Opens October 13, 15, & 16th)


& WHEN HARRY MET SALLY" (l989) (R) (***1/2-out of 4 stars) ($92m.) By now all know her now even legendary deli scene of course, though out of place for a girl like Sally Albright, but still great jazz!  Sure wish these 2 would get back together! She's technically done (4) with *Hanks so far-(TRICK QUESTION ON THE LATTER?) Meg-(Peggy Emily Hyra) just gels in these romantic comedies i.e "Sleepless in Seatlle" "French Kiss" You've Got Mail": & so on & Billy, where are you buddy? goldderby.com constantly polls it's readers,etc on all-time best Oscar host & every single time it is BILLY! & over champ-(15-18yrs) BOB HOPE too!? (NOTE: On Billy, most haven't seen this, it may well be his funniest bits at Ali's funeral & better yet in B & W at Ali's 1978 tribute  INCREDIBLE!  ANYONE RECALL "RABBIT TEST" (l978)???  But Meg can be strong as an actress too see 1994's ribbed of at least her 21st nomination for "When a Man Loves a Woman"& '96's war-film "Courage Under Fire" s. actress snub)   THANK YOU & AS ALWAYS SEND IN THEM COMMENTS










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Just about firgot & a topic I know is near & dear to us TCM-ITES hearts, because I've often seen this topic reaised   A kinda' metaphor to about TCM BIG SCREEN CLASSICS


What top 5 to 10 motion pictures would you most want to see on the "SILVER-SCREEN?"  Now, I don't care if it's Plan 9 from 0uter Space, Glen or Glenda, myra breckindridge,etc  JUST BE HONEST SPORTS FANS



& O yes, I've been to both *GWTW & *CASABLANCA A FEW TIMES


As for me  A #1 is THE G0DFATHER (l972)-(P.S. For some reason as a wee lad of about 8 or 9 someone took me to it & all I recall is some guy throwing up all over the bathroom during the classic horse's head scene!!!)

2nd CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS (l937-MGM)-(close between this grand adventure & his 1960 INHERIT THE WIND?)

3rd  SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS (l96l) (saw Natasha on the big screen a couple times over the years, but not only did she like this role of Deanie best, it's mine as well  ROBBED BY ALL ACCOUNTS W/EACH PASSING YEAR FOR THIS ONE OF BEST ACTRESS!)

4th SOME CAME RUNNING (l958-MGM) (not only my fav of *"The Chairman of the Board's" but Scorsese rates this among his all-time top ten films! & for yrs *Shirley liked it best, until of course *"Terms...") (Some say this is a sequel to Joyce *"From Here to Eternity" though?)


CITY LIGHTS (l931-UA) (again, what can by said that hasn't already been said, though close with his almost as brilliant 1936 MODERN TIMES both contain all-time endings!)



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